JooTube Issues Strike Against EFR for Reporting the Truth About Parkland

In the past, Jootube has only issued strikes against us when we had the word ‘Jew’ in the title.  This time, the strike was issued because we exposed the fact that there were multiple shooters at Parkland and that the fakestream media was using the shooting as a publicity  mine against the Second Amendment.

From Youtube:

As you may know, our Community Guidelines describe which content we allow and what we don’t allow on YouTube. Your video “YCP 180224 Parkland School Shooting Fake Or Not Fake” was flagged for review. Upon review, we’ve determined that it violates our guidelines. We’ve removed it from YouTube and assigned a Community Guidelines strike, or temporary penalty, to your account.

Video content restrictions
YouTubers share their opinions on a wide range of different topics. However, there’s a fine line between passionate debate and personal attacks. As our Community Guidelines outline, YouTube is not a platform for things like predatory behavior, stalking, threats, harassment, bullying, or intimidation. We take this issue seriously and there are no excuses for such behavior. We remove comments, videos, or posts where the main aim is to maliciously harass or attack another user. If you’re not sure whether or not your content crosses the line, we ask that you not post it. Learn more here.

The impact of strikes
This is the first strike applied to your account. We understand that users seldom intend to violate our policies. That’s why strikes don’t last forever – this strike will expire in three months. However, it’s important to remember that additional strikes could prevent you from posting content to YouTube or even lead to your account being terminated.

How you can respond
If you believe this was a mistake, we’d like to hear from you. Please follow both of these steps as simply deleting the video won’t resolve the strike on your account.

◦The next time you sign in you will be asked to acknowledge this strike on your account.
◦If you would like to appeal this strike, please submit this form. Our team will thoroughly review your appeal and will contact you again very soon.

Date Received: 2 Mar 2018

  1. YCP 180224 Parkland School Shooting Fake Or Not Fake
    25 Feb 2018 15:32

Since the video is no longer available, here is the audio:


Update on Parkland:

Welcome to EFR, where the TRUTH exposes fake media, ie, the kosher press!!!

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