In today’s show originally broadcast on February 3 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews John Fitzgerald, for a show entitled, “The Medical Negligence Of Our Elderly Population.”

We discussed: the opening verse to the song, “Live And Let Die,”; how approximately 440,000 people die in American hospitals every year; how up to 8 million people are egregiously injured in American hospitals every year; why doctors are extremely keen to encourage elderly patients to agree to not being resuscitated; John’s letter to a hospital about the medical negligence his Mother suffered, which resulted in her death; the, “Liverpool Care Pathway,”; how Euthanasia had been re-defined as, “Dignity In Dying,”; the definition of, “Eldercide,”; how 550,000 of our American Elders are living in for profit care homes that have been reported for abusing their residents; how the Elderly and the Disabled have been targeted for extermination; the re-apportioning of money that was previously spent on care for our Elderly population to minority groups; George Soros’ involvement in end of life programs; and many other topics.

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