In today’s show originally broadcast on January 20 2018, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Bernie Davids, for a show entitled, “The British National Socialist Movement Archives – Part 1.”

We discussed: some British National Socialist adverts from the 1960’s; John Tyndall’s 1963 article, “Democracy In Retreat,” which I read in its’ entirety; the persecution of Bill White, Matt Hale, and Ernst Zundel; the 1963 Arminius article, “National Socialist Discipline,” which I read in its’ entirety; the program, policy, and constitution of the British National Socialist Movement; the 1963 article, “Less Freedom For Britons – New Race Law Restricts Free Speech,” which I read in its’ entirety; the British Swastika; and many other topics.

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