In today’s show originally broadcast on December 21 2017, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews King Khoebaha Calvin Cornelius III & Karin Smith, for a show entitled, “The Sovereign State Of Good Hope’s Secession From South Africa.”

We discussed: King Cornelius’ royal lineage which he can trace back 16 generations to 1695; how the nation of South Africa was divided up historically; the history of the Khoisan people, who incidentally are the only indigenous race of South Africa; how the Khoisan territory covers all of South Africa and further into the southern portion of the African continent; how on September 24th 2017, King Cornelius signed a Declaration of Secession from South Africa, to become the Sovereign State of Good Hope; how the barbaric practices of the ANC government inspired King Cornelius to secede, so he could provide a safe haven for those people who are being persecuted in South Africa; how the King wants all his people to have their God given right to self determination; how King Cornelius regards his role in the Sovereign State of Good Hope, as simply making sure the land is not abused, and the people are not abused; what is required to make the Sovereign State of Good Hope a reality; how YOU can support the creation of the Sovereign State of Good Hope; and many other topics.

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