December 11 2017 – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

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On December 11 2017, I appeared on The David Duke Show for a program entitled, “Dr. Duke & Andy Hitchcock Expose Zionist Support For ISIS & Sarah Silverman’s Jewish Anti-Goy Anti-Christian Hate!”

We discussed: how ISIS never seem to attack Jews despite the fact we are repeatedly told that Muslims and Jews are sworn enemies, which we prove via the RT report that ISIS once apologized to Israel for attacking Israeli Defense Force soldiers; how Jews are scared of every form of nationalism apart from their own; how the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan makes it clear that the White race is to be mongrelized and under the domination of Jews; the Anti-Christian and Anti-Goy hate of the so-called comedienne Sarah Silverman; and many other topics.

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