In today’s show originally broadcast on November 30 2017, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Bernie Davids, for a show entitled, “The American Nazi Party Archives – Part 3.”

We discussed: the article from the October 1 1962 edition of the Rockwell Report entitled, Confederate Sunset White Man’s Dawn; the articles from the November 1 1963 edition of the Rockwell Report entitled, Final Solution, and Brotherhood On The March; George Lincoln Rockwell’s editorial from the March/April 1963 edition of Stormtrooper in which he recounts his experiences addressing the students of the University of Virginia and also pays tribute to members of the American Nazi Party individually; when Bernie met Malcolm X; Bernie’s prison experiences; Matt Koehl’s editorial from a 1968 edition of Stormtrooper after George Lincoln Rockwell’s death; and many other topics.

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