The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (484) Michael Walsh – The Ethnic European With Mike And Andy #4

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In today’s show originally broadcast on November 22 2017, EuroFolkRadio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock co-hosts, “The Ethnic European With Mike And Andy,” with its creator, writer, and editor, Michael Walsh.

We discussed: the resignation of Zimbabwe’s President Mugabe; how Christianity is disappearing from Britain, whilst increasing at a rapid rate in Russia; the stunning Church architecture in Britain; how Mike and Andy became Nationalists; the British children sent to orphanages in Australia where they were sexually abused, whilst at the same time West Indians were being shipped into Britain as the government claimed there was a population shortage in Britain; how there is no political party of note working on behalf of Nationalist interests, along with how it would be illegal to do so; Winston Churchill’s sexual proclivities; the death of persecuted British Nationalist Paul Hickman; the inertia of White people; the German philosopher Oswald Spengler; how you can prove the Ancient Egyptians were White; and many other topics.

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