November 21 2017 – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s Guest Appearance On The David Duke Show

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On November 21 2017, I appeared on Dr. David Duke’s show.

We discussed: my experiences at a David Icke lecture in 1991; how Jewish organisations throughout White nations promote immigration, yet do not promote it in Israel; Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s pride in constructing security fences throughout Israel to protect their borders despite the overwhelming Jewish opposition to President Trump’s border wall; how according to the Jewish Talmud, God asked the Rabbis for advice; Cohen-cidences and the Menorah-ty; how Jewish groups are pushing a bill through the Senate which will jail anyone who boycott’s Israel, yet fail to see that as hypocritical whilst they continue to get sites such as Amazon and YouTube to boycott anyone who exposes Jewish malfeasance; and many other topics.

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