Albert Thomas winks at LBJ on Air Force One, after they got away with the murder of John F. Kennedy.

LBJ and the various assassins that worked for him:


LBJ was nothing but a Zionist thug, murderer and subversive politician.   Of all the occupants of the White House, LBJ was the only man who used personal executioners to get rid of his political enemies.  He essentially murdered his way into the White House.

Albert Thomas winks at LBJ as he is being sworn in on Air Force One:


LBJ: Dedicated Zionist and agent of IsraHell.  Story told by Christopher Bollyn.  David Ben-Gurion ordered the assassination of Kennedy, because Kennedy refused to turn over America’s nuclear secrets to IsraHell.   Ben-Gurion, the global Jewish mob boss, had Kennedy murdered because he was interfering in Jewish business.

LBJ’s career in politics was dedicated not to America, but to Zionism, organized crime and communism.  There  is no doubt that LBJ was the most sinister character to ever occupy the White House….with the possible exception of Federal Dictator Rosenfeldt, who was also subservient to Zionism, organized crime and communism.