The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (474) Paul English – Remembering The Harrowing Last Moments Of Lesley Ann Downey

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In today’s show originally broadcast on November 12 2017, TBR Radio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Paul English, the presenter of, “Fake News Now,” broadcast on for a show entitled, “Remembering The Harrowing Last Moments Of Lesley Ann Downey.”

Lesley Ann Downey was one of the victims of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, better known as, “The Moors Murderers.”

At their trial a tape of this defenseless 10 year old child (which they recorded prior to murdering her) was played, which I read during the show.

The purpose of this extremely upsetting show is to get across the absolute agony that innocent and helpless victims of child abuse go through, so we can see these children as human beings as oppose to statistics.  I hope this will encourage you all to unite powerfully against the evil elites that consider the sexual abuse and murder of defenseless children as acceptable sexual activity.

A Brief Summary Of The Torture And Murder Of The Defenseless Lesley Ann Downey

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