Devin Patrick Kelly

The Kosher Press is falling all over itself in order to condemn gun owners over this latest “mass shooting.”  MSM never digs deeper than to blame the Second Amendment, NRA,  Constitutionalists, right wing extremists,  etc.  As it turns out, DP Kelly is the exact opposite.  He is a leftist, atheist with a grudge.  He also has psychological problems and is probably on psychotropic drugs.

Guess what, folks.   As with Charlottesville, we have another left-wing, antifa anarchist hired to give the Second Amendment bad publicity.

Devin Patrick Kelly is an ultra-left atheist communist, with a dishonorable discharge from the military.


Get the REAL NEWS right here at EFR!!  Armed gun instructor puts an end to the rampage!

“None of the mass shootings in America have been committed by a member of the NRA.’  – Rush Limbaugh.