October 19 2017 – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock On The USS Liberty Massacre Hour

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On October 19 2017, I appeared on Dave Gahary and Phil Tourney’s show, “The USS Liberty Massacre Hour.”

We discussed: Facebook deleting my post for the Erasing The Liberty show I recorded with Dave and Phil which I broadcast on June 8 2017, the 50th Anniversary of Israel’s heinous attack on their so-called ally America; why Israel are scared to death of their heinous attack on their so-called ally America being revealed to the world, and how the Jews are feverishly at work trying to prevent this truth from getting out; how you can and should help get the truth out about Israel’s heinous attack on their so-called ally America, by supporting Dave and Phil’s work; and many other topics surrounding Israel’s heinous attack on their so-called ally America.

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