A SONG FOR AMERICA WE GOTTA CLEAN UP THE MESSLadies and Gentlemen, as promised, I have a new song that I believe “We The People” need to hear. Our Country is in chaos and as I’ve told my listeners “Corruption leads to chaos and chaos leads to judgement”. We have come to the point that this song addresses and we need to start taking action immediately. If that action for some is prayer…so be it. If that action is to tell the truth to others…so be it. If that action means we have to stand together as a race for the good of the whole…so be it. For some it will be to boycott these traitors and the companies that we have fed for so long. We can no longer feed beasts that grow up to become giant beasts that abuse and poison us. We must now take responsibility rather than pretending this will all go away. The NFL and other sports like it should be offensive to you and you should realize and call this what it is…Hatred of our God, Our Nation, our culture and above all, our RACE…Yes RACE. The parasites that live among us are the true haters and they teach the other parasites they bring here to hate the white race. Sooner or later you are going to have to admit it and the sooner the better. Let us not pretend any longer. Let’s be real and face our enemies like we always have in the past. Stand up and shed off this doctrine of political correctness that has damaged our world. Let’s take control of words and no longer let them be used as a weapon against us. We, as whites, have not stood together and it has cost us everything. You can no longer be an island to yourself. There is strength in numbers and I have faith that you will make the right decision. I love our people and want them to come together so that we can clean up this mess we’ve made.

The enemies are in our camp and have been for a very long time. They have told you that you can do nothing about what’s happening, but I say you can and my hope and prayer is that you will. You can live without Hollywood. You can live without the Fake News Mainstream Media that has lied to you since the day you were born and has no intention of changing their spots. You must realize that you are and have been supporting your own destruction and you have paid for every link in the chain of your slavery in this modern day Babylon. “Come out of her my people” says The Heavenly Father Yahweh. “My people perish for the lack of knowledge”. You must begin to educate yourselves. You are responsible for your own education and I suggest it’s time now to prioritize. It’s time to reorganize how you value and use your time. Begin to use it wisely. Understand that knowledge is power and that Wisdom from The Father is much more valuable than rubies or the fake debt notes that you have pursued for most of your lives. Time is something the enemies have plenty of and they have made sure you don’t have plenty of it. It’s time to change that now. It can’t wait any longer if you want to be in The Father’s Kingdom.

Learn to cut the funding of our enemies by turning your TV into an education station. Hook up your computer to it and you will have a library larger than any in the world. You can make a difference! Learn to do without things you never needed in the first place. Fund people who are feeding you the truth and help others in your race only. This may sound strange to you but it is imperative at this juncture if we are to survive as a race. Two thirds of our race has been wiped off the earth in the last 150 years. Let’s have children and nurture ourselves back to health. Let’s return to The Heavenly Father and stop supporting our enemies. Let’s get our nation saved as this song says. Copyright 2017 Songbird’s Music. This is also a song for the Israelite Nations.

We made this mess and now “WE GOTTA CLEAN UP THE MESS”. I hope you enjoy the song and that you will tell people about it and encourage them to buy a copy to help me in my work. Just $1.49 in The Shop here : https://davidjamesboston.com/paypal-shop/

Until Next Time

With Love

David James