The Las Vegas shooting was organized by the globalist cabal staging a blame attack (blame the Second Amendment) to increase government control and the totalitarian dictatorship of Zionism.


More from the Las Vegas shooting.  As the video starts, watch the lower left corner, where a man with a yellow vest enters the frame and opens fire on the crowd.


Judging from the fact that two windows were broken out of the Madalay Bay hotel (from about 500 yards) and that audio of the gunfire suggests a closer shooter  (about 250 yards), the above video shows a shooter right in the midst of the crowd, there were at least four shooters…all of them ZOG operatives.  For what purpose?  1.) to blame the Second Amendment and 2.) to increase Orwellian “security” and to reduce our rights to freedom of movement and association.  The attacks on the Second Amendment have already begun and demands for more security cameras (including your bedroom) have increased also.

Don’t be fooled.  Listen and share EFR with everyone you know!!!