Hurricanes Katia, Irma and Jose.

Government denials versus scientific facts: HAARP is being used to create disastrous haarpicanes and other destructive radiation.

In 2017, we had a very unusual pattern of three hurricanes: Katia, Irma and Jose.  But in 2010, there was the exact same pattern of Hurricanes Karl, Igor and Julia.

What are the odds of this pattern of three hurricanes repeating?   Was 2010 trial run by HAARP, first for Harvey and then for Katia, Irma and Jose?

The Illuminati is using HAARP, which superheats the atmosphere, to make weatherwar against planet earth while they blame us for “global warming”!  Atlanta, GA, issued its first-ever “tropical storm warning”!  Is HAARP being used as a prelude to martial law?

It’s not “cliamte change,” folks, it’s WEATHERWAR!

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