Jews and Communists have created this atmosphere of hatred towards the Boer people….this is anti-white genocide; and the Jews, Freemasons and blacks promote it and revel in their supremacism.  Jewish and black racism is the rule today in South Africa.  Jewish supremacism, via their international banking operations and global warmongering, is the 8th Beast of the Book of Revelation, the empire of Jewish merchants, bankers, mobsters, abortionists, feminists, pornographers, murderers and rapists.  Capiche?

Between Heaven and Hell:


Wake up, Whitey.  If you do not defend yourselves from this global campaign of genocide, you and your family will perish.

This is

Truth is our currency.

Even under apartheid, there was no mistreatment or genocide of blacks.  These are jewish lies deliberately spread to genocide the White Race.