On today’s show I was joined by Jacob Tyler to discuss, “The Persecution Of Samuel Girod.”

Jacob recently wrote an excellent article on Samuel Girod for the American Free Press, and in this show we discussed: the FDA’s harassment of Samuel and the Amish community in which he resides, due to his manufacture of homeopathic remedies; Samuel’s subsequent 6 year prison sentence for printing a review of his product on the package containing it; how the court were unable to put anyone in the witness stand who could claim harm or injury by using Samuel’s product; and many other aspects surrounding this case.

As regular listeners to the show know, I encourage the support of our victimized brothers and sisters who are languishing in the prison system. Time in prison can be very lonely and upsetting, so I encourage you to write some kind words of support to Samuel at his prison address below:

Samuel A. Girod
Register Number: 18318-032
FCI Loretto
772 Saint Joseph St.

You Can Also Communicate With Samuel Electronically By Clicking This Link And Typing His Register Number 18318-032 Into The Bureau Of Prisons Website (PLEASE NOTE: The Majority Of The Amish Community Do Not Use Anything Electrical, So It May Be Better To Send Samuel A Letter)

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