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Dr. Lorraine Day – The Ernst And Ingrid Zundel Story

On today’s show I was joined by Dr. Lorraine Day who presented, “The Ernst And Ingrid Zundel Story.”

Dr. Day has been a close friend of both Ernst and Ingrid for decades (she even testified as a medical consultant for Ernst at one of his trials), so she was the perfect guest to present their story to you the listeners.

We recorded this show on July 28 2017, and it was with great sadness I learnt that Ernst passed away on August 5 at the age of 78.

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Mark Anderson – This Week’s American Free Press

On today’s show I will be joined by Mark Anderson of AFP, to run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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Walter Burien – Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed

On today’s show I was joined by Walter Burien to discuss, “Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Exposed.”

We discussed; Walter’s background; how he discovered governments’ (both local and national) make billions a year off investments, and don’t even need taxation to run at a profit; why they choose not to share their profit with the people; how taxation can be eliminated; and many other topics.

This was Walter’s first radio interview for many years, and it was an honor that he chose this program in which to make his return to the airwaves.

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John Kaminski – JohnKaminski.org

On today’s show I was joined by John Kaminski to discuss his excellent new website.

We discussed: John’s new website; how the American People are pretty much lost; Benjamin Freedman; how the Jews keep all their options open; the history of EuroFolkRadio; the anti Boycott Israel law; the thought process John goes through to come up with the ideas for his articles; and many other topics.

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Rae West – Big-Lies.org

On today’s show I was joined by Rae West to discuss topics from his long established website, “Big-Lies.org”

We discussed Rae’s background; examples of Jewish control; the advantages of using an HTML website; and many other topics featured on Rae’s website.

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