A House Divided

No thanks to media we Europeans are kept very much in the dark as to what is happening even in our own backyard. The unelected elite of Brussels maintain the illusion that one size fits all. In fact, the European Union is a house divided.

To the west are the dumbed down pseudo-democracies. But, several former Eastern Bloc electorate approved nations could break away from the EU to join the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). These include Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, possibly Austria; others could be sucked in.

There is little awareness in the west that the Hungarian Prime Minister enjoys a popularity rating that by far eludes his Western counterparts.

In Britain, Germany, France, and diverse EU states, the electorate tends to elect not the best but the lesser of the two evil candidates. French President Emmanuelle Macron’s election was spun by media as a landslide. Yet, polls suggest that as few as I in 5 French electors support their head of state. This is not democracy.

In Sweden, 72.9% of the electorate plan to vote for parties other than the ruling Social Democrats. In neighbouring Norway 68% intend to vote against the current Labour regime.

Mainstream parties in Western Europe add insult to injury by forming coalitions. Britain’s unpopular premier Theresa May was forced to form a coalition with the 10 MPs of Democratic Unionist Party (DUP). This is not democracy either.

Many westerners believe their own electoral systems superior to those in the former Soviet Bloc. Not true: Countries like Slovakia, Poland, and Czech Republic and in particular Hungary set an example in democracy that shames western governments.

Hungary’s Fidesz Party, headed by Prime Minister Victor Orban, enjoys a level of support far beyond the dreams of Chancellor Merkel, President Macron and UK premier Theresa May. Seven years since their being elected Fidesz is more popular. The nationalist party typically polled in excess of 60% of votes cast during recent elections.

Unlike their western peers Hungary’s parliamentarians can truthfully say they are elected because they are good at their job and not because they are considered better than their rivals.

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Fidesz popularity has been achieved by doing something quite revolutionary to western ears. A novel idea, their parliamentarians actually listen to their electorate and government policies reflect the wishes of Hungarians.

The facts speak for themselves. There are 25% more Hungarians in work today than there were in 2010. The government has retrieved industries and natural resources previously auctioned off to foreign interests by corrupt predecessors.

Hungarians have a fear of being dependent upon the whims of outside interests. Foreign influence is being eliminated in banking, media, and state and education sectors. Non-European immigrants are kept out of Hungary whilst Hungarians are presented with an eye-watering choice of inducements to marry and raise large families.

Hungarian PM, Czech and Polish parliamentarians respond to EU threats and sanctions with the two-fingered salute. So they should; 98% Hungarians reject Brussels impudent immigrant quotas.

The irony is that there is far greater division of wealth, happiness and democracy in the European Union than there was when Europe was separated by anti-tank ditches, razor wire, watchtowers and border checkpoints. How long before Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia erect them again to keep the westerners out.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh was a freelance media writer and columnist for thirty-years. The Irish journalist now writes and broadcasts solely for independent alternative media. Visit SpinFreeHistory.com to see all of Mike’s available books.