When, in the course of human events, a tyranny of one special interest becomes so grievous that the people can no longer tolerate its presence, then the people must voice opposition against it. This tyranny seeks to silence its critics with claims of “anti-Semitism.” It seeks to deprive the American people of their Constitutional right to freedom of expression. It seeks to redirect the destiny of America away from what the Founding Fathers had intended toward that of a foreign, theocratic state, in obvious violation of the American principle that the State should not favor any particular religion or denomination. (Article 1 of the Bill of Rights.).

In direct conflict with the Constitution of the United States, this tyranny exploits its vast global economic resources, including the world’s largest banking, media and industrial corporations, by pressuring the Congress, the Court System, and the Office of the President into supporting wars of aggression toward non-Jewish nations. It owns instruments of oppression, such as the Anti-Defamation League (which is an exclusively Jewish agency that spies upon American civilians in defiance of the laws against such spying), the World Jewish Congress, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and dozens of other such lobbying organizations, which use all of their economic and political influence to keep America’s domestic and foreign policies tied to the State of Israel, which is an imperialistic presence in the Middle East.

Through their ownership of various media, such as television, radio, magazines, newspapers, book publishing and entertainment, these Zionist organizations never fail to demonize their perceived enemies while pretending to be the world’s watchdogs for international “terrorism.” At the same time, the state-sponsored terrorism of the Israeli State is never mentioned by this “free” press. This one-sided perspective concerning the politics of the Israeli State is an outrage. Rarely does this biased “Press” permit the opposition to voice its disapproval of the policies of Zionism and the Israeli State.

Zionism is an international fraud, perpetuating its existence on money extorted from the taxpayers of various nations, including its exploitation of the holocaust, which they will not allow us to forget, while never mentioning the horrible crimes of the Zionists against the Palestinian, Lebanese, Christian and Muslim people who live near the Israeli State. Since the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson, Zionist operatives have quietly influenced successive administrations through such agents as Col. Edward Mandel House, Bernard Baruch, Henry Morgenthau, Henry Kissinger, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz and numerous other unelected officials. Without any public debate, thereby freezing the American people out of any involvement in these decisions, our government has, for nearly one hundred years, served the interests of International Zionism first and America last. These operatives, who have exploited America’s resources in the interest of the World Zionist Movement, have never been the friends of America. Instead, they constitute a Fifth Column, which has steered America into one international conflict after another, allowing America to take the blame for their warmongering and bloodlust. Zionism has thoroughly corrupted America, changing our nation from a peace-loving people to a World Police State. Following the advice and direction of these Zionist warmongers, America has become a shameful imperialistic nation, a bully that throws its weight around, declaring itself the world’s foremost promoter of “democracy,” which is little more than a catchword that pro-Zionist politicians use as a cover for their Zionist-sponsored imperialism.

How many more Americans have to die for International Zionism before the American people cry foul and put an end to this tyranny?

Also during the Wilson Presidency, the Zionists pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, giving the House of Rothschild banking family and other international Jewish banking families the exclusive monopoly to issue America’s money, in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 8). This system, based on usury, is in direct violation of God’s Commandment against usury (lending money at interest). As long as America tolerates this parasitic institution, which is a legalized monopoly of private money issuance, there will be no peace in this country or in this world. The Federal Reserve System is racketeering masquerading as a governmental office, pretending to be “America’s Bank,” while, in fact, its stockholders run this organization purely for private gain and for economic control of our nation.

Zionism is international imperialism dressed up as Jewish survivalism. It is supremacism masquerading as liberalism. It is the proverbial “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” speaking in the name of “freedom” but denying freedom of speech to its critics. Its international campaign to suppress historical revisionism is tantamount to oppression, for it smears all of its critics with the word ‘hate’ or ‘anti-Semite’ while denying these same critics a voice in the public square. They have intimidated or imprisoned such champions of free speech as Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Christopher Bollyn, and Germar Rudolf for the thought crime of “questioning the holocaust.” For this crime against the Freedom of Speech, International Zionism, and all of its supporters, should be thoroughly ashamed, for these are the tactics, not of those who claim to be “God’s chosen people,” but the tactics of an Orwellian Police State.

The brutal and blatant occupation of Palestine by the Zionists is a completely unjustified aggression, not just against the Palestinian people, but against the whole world, for when one person is deprived of his or her human rights, no one is safe. Zionism seeks to justify its occupation of Palestine based on the premise that “the Nazis persecuted the Jewish people.” However, two wrongs do not make a right. The Palestinian people never persecuted or wronged the Jewish people in any way or at any time in history. Consequently, Zionism is, by definition, a terrorist state, imposing its imperialistic will upon a completely innocent people. This occupation, in reality, places “Jewish rights” above the rights above other people; and this is unacceptable. Zionism is an offense to everything that Americans hold dear: liberty (including freedom of religion and freedom of expression), justice, and equality before the law. In defiance of these American principles, the Zionist Israeli State is an exclusively Jewish state, which denies full rights to non-Jews, making the Israeli State a de facto system of Apartheid. Thus, to equate Zionism with “Americanism” is hypocrisy on a massive scale. Justifying their aggression by reason of their own past oppression, they have become what they claim to be against: Bigotry and Oppression.

Their chief propaganda device, the Israeli State, was conceived by fraud (the Balfour Declaration), instituted by Terror (the Stern Gang, the Irgun Gang, and other terrorist groups financed by the Rothschild banking family), and maintained by Extortion, using pressure groups within other nations to compel government funds (taxpayer’s money) for their illegitimate cause. All American aid to the Sate of Israel should end immediately and our connection with the Israeli State should be severed completely, for that State is a Jewish Apartheid State. If Apartheid was evil in South Africa, they why is it acceptable in Israeli? Instead of giving our financial resources to this Terrorist State, we should sever all ties and use these funds to rebuild our own economy, which is in serious jeopardy. It is scandalous that we should be giving so much aid to an Oppressor when our returning veterans, who are, in reality, fighting in Iraq to make the Middle East safe for the Israeli State, are receiving very poor health care and financial support.

The time has come for America to end its de facto occupation by Zionist bankers, corporations, warmongers and political insiders, who have exploited America for so many decades. The time has come for America to declare its Independence from Zionism, just as we declared our Independence from the British Crown in 1776. There is a New Tyrant in the Land, and his name is Zionism.

You may not have noticed, but the American Revolution, Part II, has already begun.