The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show (388) Bernie Davids – The American Nazi Party Archives – Part 1

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On today’s show I was joined by Bernie Davids, former member of George Lincoln Rockwell’s, “American Nazi Party,” to run through some material from the archives that Bernie has kindly sent over to me, and which I am pleased to share with you below.

We discussed: George Lincoln Rockwell’s trip to the UK; the American Nazi Party’s encounter with Senator Jacob Javits at the airport upon George’s return; the obituary of the American Nazi Party’s Deputy Commander, Major J. V. Morgan; the strange story of Chris Vidnievich; and many other topics.

Bernie is on the left, George is second in from right.

Bernie is top row right, George is bottom row center.

The American Nazi Party picketing across from the White House.

The smoke-damaged Chris Vidnievich letter.

This show is dedicated to the late, great, Major J. V. Morgan.

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