The hypocrites on the Left, especially the femitards, never talk about how non-White, non-Christian societies abuse their women.  They blast the “White Patriarchy” for all of the evils in the world and ignore the horrific treatment of women by other cultures.

Widow-burning and bride-burning in India for fun and profit:

The ten worst countries for women (none of of them are White or Christian).

It goes without saying that Islam enslaves and brutalizes women.  The same for African and Oriental societies.  The Israeli State kidnaps White women and forces them into sex slavery.  No news coverage from the Daily Noise.  No femitard and no mass media exposes of this brutal treatment of women.   Why does the joozmedia only cite the “White Patriarchy” for maltreatment of women – when only White, Christian society has ever given women any rights at all?  Why the silence about other cultures that brutalize, mutilate, humiliate, rape and murder women with impunity?

Face it, folks, Christianity is the best thing that ever happened to women.  (Ignoring the Judeo-Christian assumptions, this article exposes the fact that only White, Christian civilization has ever given rights to women):

Read it and weep, femitards.  Your propaganda and hate speech against White society will not succeed.  Your hypocrisy and stupidity are being revealed on a daily basis, thanks to the internet.