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Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst – An Immigrant Remembers

On today’s show I was joined by Harald Hesstvedt Scharnhorst, to discuss his excellent autobiography about Harald and his family entitled, “An Immigrant Remembers.”

We discussed: the need for a more complete history of Northern Europe; the Jewish Intrigue with respect to the First World War; the surprise German Invasion of Norway during the Second World War; why immigrants are always immigrants; and many other topics.

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Mark Anderson – This Week’s American Free Press

On today’s show I will be joined by Mark Anderson of AFP, to run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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Bernie Davids – The American Nazi Party Archives – Part 1

On today’s show I was joined by Bernie Davids, former member of George Lincoln Rockwell’s, “American Nazi Party,” to run through some material from the archives that Bernie has kindly sent over to me, and which I am pleased to share with you below.

We discussed: George Lincoln Rockwell’s trip to the UK; the American Nazi Party’s encounter with Senator Jacob Javits at the airport upon George’s return; the obituary of the American Nazi Party’s Deputy Commander, Major J. V. Morgan; the strange story of Chris Vidnievich; and many other topics.

Bernie is on the left, George is second in from right.

Bernie is top row right, George is bottom row center.

The American Nazi Party picketing across from the White House.

The smoke-damaged Chris Vidnievich letter.

This show is dedicated to the late, great, Major J. V. Morgan.

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William Johnson – The American Freedom Party

On today’s show I was joined by William Johnson from the, “American Freedom Party.”

We discussed: William’s background as is an international lawyer fluent in Japanese who studied at Harvard and Columbia; how his office got bombed after he wrote a book promoting White Nationalism; his tours around America with Robert Brock, a Black Nationalist who wanted to take the Blacks back to Africa; the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan; and many other topics.

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Jan Lamprecht – The Planned Genocide Of South Africa’s White Population

On today’s show I was joined by Jan Lamprecht to discuss, “The Planned Genocide Of South Africa’s White Population.”

We discussed: The Suidlanders, a South African organisation set up in 2006 by Gustav Muller; the Van Rensburg prophecies that include the triumph of the Boers and the destruction of the British; “Operation White Cleanup,” which is a plan to exterminate the White Race in South Africa; Jan’s predictions for the future of the White Race in South Africa; and many other topics.

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