Police and Media War Against Whites

Media’s mantra suggests that racism is an exclusively White problem. News media’s anti-White racist strategy demonises ethnic Europeans whilst fuelling anti-White resentment in non-White communities. Adding to this toxic racism news media criminalises those Whites brave enough to object to their homelands and cultures being overrun by non-Europeans.

The combined effect is to instill in reluctant host communities a feeling that they are pariahs. Yet, conversely, the same media hacks promote Black rule and black racism in countries like South Africa and Zimbabwe where ethnic-Europeans are a minority. Race-renegade journalists want it both ways. By doing so they are exposed for the anti-White hatemongers they are.

Russia’s SPUTNIK International derides Western media spin and fake news. However, this Kremlin mouthpiece sings to the same song sheet as do their comrades in the newsrooms of Western media.

The mere placing of a small pamphlet on a London lamppost acted as an inflammatory worded news story. The story’s content was written in such a way as to exacerbate anti-White sentiment. SPUTNIK’s ‘exclusive’ focused on this single flyer that carried the message, ‘White Zone National Action’.

Not considered newsworthy the British cities and towns where indigenous Britons are warned against entering non-White communities by flyers posted on lampposts. These illegal flyers invariably contain demagogic messages that warn non-Whites against entering streets where once their fathers left to die for England. Whites stupid or brave enough to enter these mostly Asian occupied communities pay a very high price.

Yet, when Britain’s Whites are attacked or terrorised by non-Europeans the news media is silent whilst the equally corrupt police turn a blind eye. If this is not racism then please tell me what is.

SPUTNIK International’s story is played on the same keyboard as that used by Britain’s red top tabloids. Never mind the media masthead; Daily Mail, BBC, ITV, Sun, Sunday Times and Guardian or Sputnik International, the anti-White pro-libtard dirge is exactly the same.

The SPUTNIK story is replete with sensationalist content: ‘London is facing a rise in fascist material’, ‘Metropolitan police are investigating an offensive ‘white zone poster’, ‘the poster features the far-right group, National Action, labelled by the UK government as a terrorist organisation.’ ‘The poster was found by Facebook user Gadadhara Pandit Dasa. Social media users branded the poster as ‘shameful’.

There you are you white-skinned kaffirs: A nationwide manhunt for a White Briton who stuck a poster to a lamppost. The investigation is carried out by an anti-White police ‘service’ that is woefully inept when charged investigating and prosecuting perpetrators of anti-White crimes. With friends like Britain’s police do indigenous Britons really need enemies?

For years, well-organised Asian gangs of paedophiles preyed on White but not Asian children. Where was Constable Plod then? Why, he was scanning memes on Facebook looking for anything that might offend Britain’s unwanted non-European invaders.

Predictably, Paul Sillet, national campaigned for Unite against Fascism, says, ‘racist posters need to be treated with extreme caution and should be investigated swiftly.”

Needless to say, this libtard supports anti-White rhetoric and inflammatory anti-White propaganda. This left-wing agitator can be assured of a swift response from his comrades in Britain’s police force. Similarly, he can be assured that his hypocritical anti-White press releases will be recycled by his henchmen in Britain’s newsrooms. The one consolation is that Sillet may soon find himself sharing a courtroom’s dock and later a prison cell with his press and police co-conspirators.

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Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh was a freelance media writer and columnist for thirty-years. The Irish journalist now writes and broadcasts solely for independent alternative media. Visit SpinFreeHistory.com to see all of Mike’s available books.