The Storm Breaks Loose

For decades race-mixing libtards (liberal retards) enjoyed having their own way. Ethnic-nationalists have bitter memories of libtards intimidating, demonising, collecting and abusing personal details.

As it suits them pernicious libtards incite violence against those they consider politically incorrect. Palace-journalists openly collaborate with race-pornographers in demonising ethnic-Europeans who protest at state sponsored race mixing and misappropriation of White culture.

Libtards provoke anti-White feeling and violence with the encouragement of media. State police turn a blind eye to blatant anti-White rhetoric, incitement and violence. Libtards masturbate over degradation of ethnic-European values. Libtard deviants experience orgasms as they pour scorn on Whites who defend their gene-inheritance.

The race-betrayers trident is thrust into the unprotected backs of ethnic-Europeans. The traitor’s trident has three vicious blood-letting tongs; parliamentarians, press and police.

In their own ancestral lands ethnic-Europeans suffer inequality worse than that suffered by kaffirs in apartheid South Africa. Malicious libtards, who campaign for black rights elsewhere, campaign against White rights in countries peopled by ethnic-Europeans.

Libtards won’t be happy until White survivors are segregated in White Bantu enclaves and reservations. In America and Europe, Zones of Invader Occupation and Nationhood (ZION) are already endemic and contagious. Where are the protests from those who claim to campaign for Black equality? Why, they are too busy campaigning for White inequality.

Toxic self-hating libtards with their media mentors, educators, police and civil servants, work assiduously against their blood relatives. These hapless soldiers-of-misfortune are now waking up to the White awakening. The jackboot is changing to the other foot.

Today, the NATO-fuelled immigrant invasion is increasingly met by patriotic ethnic-European resistance. This growing White backlash terrifies libtards.

As protests and anti-libtard violence erupt across Britain and Europe their comrade presstitutes are in a blind panic. Palace journalists blatantly impose censorship to keep readers, viewers and listeners misinformed and uninformed.

The same cult tried the same ruse in the Soviet Bloc before its collapse during the 1980s. Censorship and government sponsored spin worked only for so long. Then, the anti-regime bushfires swept across Europe from Finland to the Black Sea. In just 36-months the Soviet Bloc, which the European Union models itself on, came crashing down.

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Our tormentors have not forgotten it. As they sleep fitfully in their four-poster beds Merkel and Co tremble at the approach of the Fifth Column. Are the fates of the childless Merkel, Macron and May set to follow dictators like Romania’s Nicolae Ceausescu and Poland’s treacherous Prime Minister Wojciech Jaruzelski?

As the Soviet Bloc collapsed Kremlin collaborating lickspittles feared for their lives. Many apparatchiks died in the anti-regime protests in the Baltic States, Poland, East Germany and elsewhere. Many state apparatchiks lost their livelihoods; many lived in fear of the dawn knock at their door.

Today, history repeats itself. Across Europe, frustrated ethnic-patriots are now noting and recording the identities of those who collaborated in state-sponsored ethnic-genocide race mixing.

Ethnic-patriots once live with intimidation and inequality delivered with a TV sermon and a policeman’s nightstick. Now, one can only guess at the reaction of libtards and their camp followers, police, press, civil servants and state toadies, on their finally receiving a dose of the medicine they have been ramming down protesting ethnic-European throats for years.

Mike Walsh is a dissident journalist, author, broadcaster and historian.

Mike Walsh

Mike Walsh was a freelance media writer and columnist for thirty-years. The Irish journalist now writes and broadcasts solely for independent alternative media. Visit to see all of Mike’s available books.