A close friend of mine is a regular visitor to South Africa. These are substantial visits, 10-14 days at a time, undertaken about four times a year and taking in the main metropolitan areas. Not having been there for a considerable time myself – and I have no plans to go there! – I’ve tasked him with keeping a close eye on the economy, infrastructure, societal changes and attitudes among the people. No surprise to learn that things have come to a sorry pass, despite the glowing reports from large sections of the Western media.

So much so that the normally quiescent business community have been driven to take out huge advertisement of the South African Sunday Times newspaper, claiming that the country is ‘in crisis’ that the state has been ‘captured‘ and its ‘natural and financial assets stolen’. It claims that he government is guilty of ‘propaganda, slogans, racism and lies‘ to silence criticism. In other words heading towards your typical African failed state. Government bonds were recently downgraded to junk status and, a la Rhodesia, the country has gone from being the breadbasket of the region to importing necessary foodstuffs.

My friend tells me that compared to ten years ago the situation in every arena has deteriorated drastically. Essentially everything has got worse. A lot worse. But one thing is going well. The war against Whites. This takes many forms, from low-level thefts and assaults to mass murder on the country’s farms. And hardly a week goes by that doesn’t see another piece of legislation enacted with the objective of furthering dispossessing and marginalising Whites. My friend tells me that every visit reveals White professionals and executives replaced by incompetent and corrupt black buffoons. Whole swaths of business activity have been crippled as a result.

Despite this many Whites still hold onto the dream of the Rainbow Nation. But their numbers are falling. Fast. Not surprising when the country’s President (seen on the left at a recent Cabinet Meeting) gives vent to that rollicking old ditty ‘Kill The Boer, Kill The Farmer‘, followed up by an impassioned version of ‘Bring Me My Machine gun‘. Julius Malema, who commands a huge following among the ‘youth’, openly talks about physically eliminating Whites. In a recent speech he said ‘We are not calling for the slaughter of white people’ adding hastily on seeing the dismayed look of his followers ‘at least for now.‘ And as is common elsewhere, strenuous efforts are being made to separate Whites from their guns. Little wonder that Genocide Watch chief Gregory Stanton, himself a former anti-apartheid activist, has warned that white South African farmers are facing full-blown genocide.

So what are the options for the country’s Whites?

Well they could leave, and huge numbers have already done that. But given the collapse of the Rand and the raft of expropriation measures in place almost all will have to accept a major drop in living standards. And bear in mind that their racial kin in Europe have been conditioned to see themselves as having more in common with Indonesian Muslims than with their apartheid-loving cousins from SA.

They could try to form a White homeland within South Africa, as they’re already doing with the likes of Orania. There’s also vague talk about a major one in the Western Cape. But in a doomsday scenario such a homeland would be overrun by waves of impoverished savages, aided and abetted by the ‘interntional coommunity’.

The third alternative is to establish a doomsday contingency plan, one which enables White to muster and defend themselves. A number of such contingency plans are being prepared, volunteers being trained and survival resources put in place by groups such as the Suidlanders, This organisation, which says it has around 6,000 active members, 12,000 associate members, and 70,000 family members, estimates that some 800,000 people will participate if and when the need arises to put its evacuation plans into effect. The general plan is to escape the cities and head for well-stocked farms in the countryside. There are hundreds of routes planned to get out of South Africa’s cities in the event of crisis, and hundreds of separate destinations depending on where in the country the members are located. The organisation also has a national headquarters, communications systems, refugee coordination, security, and medical preparations in place for if and when they are needed.

Maybe the ‘final solution’ will incorporate elements of all three. In any event be aware that the situation is dire and gets worse by the day. And lament the tragedy of a First World nation reduced the Third World status by primitives whose claim to the nation arose only from their ability to outbreed its creators.

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Source:: Irish Savant