If on opening your recently bought book you find many pages blank you have every right to be upset. Yet, this is what happens constantly in terms of race awareness. The pages of books, newspapers and periodicals, are stuffed with race mixing propaganda. Yet, there is no alternative perspective allowed: Even scientific comment negative about race-mixing is illegal.

Here is an interesting and proven scientific fact: ‘Segregation ethnic-sameness) is found in over 450 species but multiculturalism (cultureless) is found only in one; the ethnic-European species.’

Any media that published this scientifically proven truth would find itself denounced as ‘racist’. This phenomenon is unique to the world of ethnic Europeans.

On the other hand, Japanese, Jewish, African or Chinese media depict and promote same race relationships. Only in the world of ethnic-Europeans do we find adverts and articles perversely promoting race-mixing propaganda. Even allowing for the sub-culture known as liberalism there should be open debate.

Throughout history there is profound judgement against race mixing or amalgamation of religious or cultural differences.. This may come as a great surprise to ethnic-Europeans born post-1970s. There is virtually nothing in the history of the world’s diverse peoples and religions that promotes race or religious amalgamation.

Yet, undeniably, the entire focus of modern media is the opposite to all that is natural. Irrationally, their tarnished golden rule appears to be that if anything is unnatural then it is okay to promote it.

It is faeces for faces but only if the human faces are ethnic-European. For this reason, what Hitler described as a sewer’s contents, is constantly splashed into our faces.

The wellspring of human values is being poisoned. Race mixing, same-sex coition, paedophilia, cultural values, art and entertainment, real education and much more are debased by media.

Race-mixing propaganda is a dirty game. A newly published book, ‘Europe Arise’ is an ethnic-European antidote to the liberals’ race-mixing agenda.

Budget priced ‘Europe Arise’ is a beautifully illustrated book compiled by Michael Walsh. The handy book is a mini-encyclopaedia of race awareness quotes, advice, inspirational comments and reviews. Most importantly, ‘Europe Arise’ explains how best to protect oneself if you are racially aware enough to gravitate towards pro-White activism.

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A reader writes: “Mike (Walsh) is a great nationalist and a fantastic writer. This book clearly explains what is happening and what we can do to stop the demise of the indigenous European peoples. The world will be a worse place if this great continent is left to go into ruins, like all the other Third World countries and continents.”

The irony is that diversity is promoted in everything except information. There is no diversity in media content. Michael’s advice is to turn your back on mainstream media periodicals and to shun their advertisers. Turn instead to alternative media for real democracy.

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