Ladies and Gentlemen, Charlie Chan was asked by David James to host Saxon’s Creed Radio Show this past week. Chan was asked to investigate as to whom the Saxon’s Creed Radio audience is comprised of. It was rather revealing and exciting as Chan described many of the audience as Flies on the wall. Mr James asked the good people of Israel to Commission him to serve them in several capacities in the last show. Since it didn’t happen, Mr James asked Mr Chan to Investigate, which he humbly did.

Mr Chan spoke many words and gave many wise sayings of his ancestors. He also read over 50 sayings written by Mr James that were quite like the sayings of the same. Mr Chan said he liked many of the sayings and explained some of them in detail. Mr James want to transfer the ministry teachings of Bertrand L Comparet and Dr Wesley Swift from reel to reel to Digital to preserve them and help make them available. Mr James says these teachings are precious and hopes he will achieve this goal. However, he has not been commissioned as of yet. While some have stepped up to the plate, there’s a long way to go before he can move ahead. All we can do is hope that the people of Israel will care enough to see that this is done. Mr James asked for an hundred and twenty-five people to give 30 dollars or more a month to fund the project.

The sayings that Mr James wrote are as followed:

Man who is not of family tree care not for root

Rats who hide in darkness scatter at first sign of light

To find out who is pretender ask for donation

Man who walk crookedly, unstable in direction

Man who seek for truth, usually find gold

Jew who smiles often showing only one side of face

Man who knows no truth is great help to serpent race

Unlike fool, even fly know when to take off

Man who accuses Yahweh is likened unto a most ignorant animal

One who obey not God nurtures one’s own death

Fool who play with fire often end up in same

Where lack of love exists, hatred not far behind

When love of money speaks, few there be that will not follow

If heart no longer feels, actions made are turned to ice

He who will not listen, will find he can’t be heard

Time is like a greasy floor, just keeps slipping

Man who tell only half-truth even bigger liar

Those who believe Jewish fables will not like end of story

Oil and water like hybrid, not know how to stick together

He who hates law, finds self deep in crime

Lady who polishes shoe, cannot hide where she tread

Those who defend Jew, like evil sounding bell

Man who seek justice in court today lacks much understanding

Believe a Jew today, will have unhappy tomorrow

He who believe tales of Jews, shall know the sting of venom

Lack of knowledge weaken constitution

Man who play games like child who refuse to grow

Those who refuse truth love flattery with bows of lies

Fools who hang with goats will hang with them

Believers in Democracy are victims same

World of fakers produce only takers

Parasite who live on host always hate the Holy Ghost

Fools who spray poisons into sky, killing self and wonder why

Serpent race who just pretend, will find a wholly wasteful end

Knee that will not bow shall be broken

He who hate wisdom is like fly without wings

They that love lies shall become familiar with flame

He that throw wrench in gear need not ask what happened here

Fly that is caught in trap has only time to wait

Greed that’s like pig, grave it will dig

Man who cannot read sign fall into pit

Many wasted days while serpent slips away

Man who wish to be god still die like fool

He that lack knowledge often think of self as genius

Man in dark think he cannot be seen, yet we perceive his darkness

Fools who can’t tell difference between pure and distorted light often end in bondage

Jew who pretends to be pure is victim of many impurities

Spider who sets trap for many unsuspecting flies surely will not go hungry

Cat who show patience will catch many prey

Dog who is loyal shall have many treats

They who eat pig make temple impossible to live in

They who provide pig shall know many sorrows

Listen to the show and enjoy!



Until Next Time
David James