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From cover to cover, from the book of Genesis to Revelation, when find that nowhere in the Holy Scriptures an example of a servant of Yahweh, or even a follower of Yahshua the Messiah eating any flesh of an unclean animal. Now, if at any time the distinction between clean and unclean meats had ever ceased to exist, for the Israelites shouldn’t this distinction been made within the pages of the Holy Scriptures through the examples of Yahweh’s servants? But, in fact what we do find is that well into the time of the early Israelite Christian Church we find that Yahshua the Messiah’s followers scrupulously avoiding eating and touching the animal flesh that Yahweh had revealed and made clear as being unclean (Acts 10:14; 11:8). It is also made clear with the prophecies of the end-times and can be found within (Revelation 18:2; Isaiah 66:15-17). With a, thorough study of the Holy Scriptures we find an understanding of other dimensions to the significance of the distinction between the clean and unclean meats.

We find that Yahweh’s Word has described the flesh of unclean animals as an “abomination” (Leviticus 11:10-13, 20, 23, 41-42) and as being “detestable” (Deuteronomy 14:3) and in that light, we were warned and are still warned against the consumption of such meats (Leviticus 11:43). Rather profound words for sure, but the lesson we need to accept is that we must accept all the aspects of the Holy Scriptures, and yes this must also include the basic food laws that are in both Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. As a member of the TRUE House of Israel, you are to follow all the commands and laws, you may not have the privilege of picking and choosing which ones to follow. The only law that was removed was the sacrificial laws.

With the institution of the sacrificial system for the ancient Israelites, Yahweh had commanded many sacrifices, some of which were specific, but all involved the sacrifice of animals. Now, there is no place within the Scriptures that Yahweh either commanded or permitted the sacrifice of an unclean animal, nor have there been any records of the followers of Yahweh sacrificing any such animal to Him. Such a sacrifice would have joined with that which Yahweh had designated unclean and defiled. It would have been simply an unthinkable act to a TRUE servant of Yahweh because it would have been a slap to the face of Yahweh Himself.


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