As I have intimated for many years, the two party so-called democratic system is the best tyranny money can buy.

What do I mean by that, you ask. Well it’s very simple, you give the voting public the illusion that they have choice, by offering them the opportunity to vote for one of two political parties.

I have no doubt that the naysayers will jump in here straightaway and say, there are always more than two political parties that you can vote for. They are correct in the fact we have many fringe parties in the UK, such as: the Liberal Democrats; UKIP; a variety of Nationalist parties; and even the Monster Raving Loony Party.

However the last time the UK was governed by a party other than the Conservative or Labour party (our equivalent of the USA’s Republican and Democrat parties) was in 1915, during World War I, when the Liberal Herbert Henry Asquith formed a national coalition government with the Conservative and Labour parties.

That was over 100 years ago, so it looks unlikely that we will see any party other than Conservative or Labour, take control of the UK’s destiny for the next five years on June 8, 2017.

On that basis, let’s look at the current opinion polls. According to this website as of April 19, 2017, the Labour Party are expected to get 25% of the vote, whilst the Conservatives are expected to get 46% of the vote.

Click Here For The Polling Website

This would explain why Theresa May, the unelected Prime Minister of the UK (after David Cameron resigned), has decided to call this election, less than two years after the Conservatives were last elected in 2015, which incidentally gave them control of the UK until 2020.

Now to the crux of my argument, the fact that you are indeed voting for the Conservative Friends Of Israel or the Labour Friends Of Israel.

The Labour Party currently has 229 MP’s, 80 of which the Labour Friends Of Israel have disclosed on their website, that are members of their organisation, meaning just over a third are, “Friends Of Israel.” Furthermore the two previous Labour Prime Ministers’, Gordon Brown and Tony Blair, were both members.

Click Here For The List Of Labour Party Members Who Are, “Friends Of Israel.”

As for the Conservative Friends Of Israel, this is a little more sketchy as they choose not provide a list of members on their website, for some reason.

See The Conservative Friends Of Israel Website Here

Interestingly though, UK Prime Minister Theresa May, who claims she is a Jew (Je Suis Juif means I am Jewish), stated the following at the Conservative Friends of Israel lunch on December 12 2016,

“These Conservative Friends of Israel lunches are always special. But this year feels extra special. Not only is this CFI’s biggest ever lunch, with over 800 people and over 200 Parliamentarians.”

You Can Read Her Full Speech Here

As this is a Conservative Friends Of Israel lunch, I think it would be fair to assume that the, “over 200 Parliamentarians,” to whom she refers are Conservative MP’s, and as the Conservative Party has only 330 MP’s, it looks like at least two-thirds of these are, “Friends Of Israel.”

On that basis I think we can have little doubt that this election has nothing to do with, “ensuring Brexit,” as Theresa May claims, but more to do with cementing Jewish power over the British people. I’ll leave the last word to Prime Minister May, “Je Suis Juif!”

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

April 19, 2017