By: Pastor Paul R. Mullet


             In the Holy Scriptures, the following terms; house, family and race carry very powerful and synonymous meanings. In truth, the Holy Scriptures is the complete unabridged story of the Adamic (White, Caucasian, Aryan) Race, from the creation of Adam unto the present. One of the seven things that the living Elohim hates is those who sow discord among their racial brothers, or in other words, those who are by birthright among the racial and holy family of the one and true living Yahweh. The act of sowing discord means to destroy the UNITY, the bond of peace, among racial brothers. It is the act of dividing the house of the almighty Yahweh, and the Adamkind-Race (Aryan), against itself. In this broad sense of the meaning of discord, this is precisely what satan and those who possess his spirit, thoughts did in the very beginning of creation, and it is exactly what those of the kingdom of satan (the talmudic satanic jews and those that serve them) continue to do today. Thus, satan’s strategy from the very onset has been the evil and twisted principle of ‘divide and conquer’. To achieve this, the satanic thought (later adopted and embraced by the talmudic satanic jews) has created every counterfeit and apostate religious principle that exists among men today. We are emphatically told in almighty Yahweh’s Holy Scripture that a house divided against itself cannot stand. It may also be stated that a family divided and set at enmity or war within itself cannot continue, but will eventually be destroyed by means of they, themselves, aiding and abetting their natural enemies in their own destruction. If we can carry this very true Biblical principle to its fullest intent and meaning, then it must be unequivocally stated that; “a race or nation divided against itself cannot and will not continue to exist.”

These are the most pertinent and important principles of our age, for if the lessons of history are not learned from, and if we fail as a people (race) to grasp the continuity of the wisdom of our Adamkind Race (Aryan), we shall cease to exist as a people (race) in the same exact manner that thousands of species of animals have passed into the oblivion of nonexistence. The wisdom of our Adamkind Race (Aryan) forbearers cries out and echoes from the graves, and into the twenty-first century telling us all in the pages of that most ancient and important wisdom of our Adamkind Race that a house divided against itself cannot stand. It therefore becomes the duty of each and every genuine member of the birthright people (the Aryan/Adamkind Race) of the almighty Yahweh to fulfill their sacred and honorable duty to their ordained holy and racial family, for the very first duty of any created being of the almighty Yahweh is the duty of survival, and this is paramount to the Adamkind Race. Not only has Yahweh written this law/mandate in His laws of nature, but He has also repeatedly conveyed this holy principle to US, through the inspired prophets and writers of His Holy Scriptures. Today, the Aryan race stands as a house divided against itself. It pursues its existence in continued willful ignorance of the collective wisdom of its ancestral racial patriarchs. The vast majority of the Adamkind Race has been deceived into the belief of those Satanic, communist jewish principles that Yahweh says will result in our certain destruction. To get a clear understanding of this, we must turn back into the history of our people that was conveyed to us in our Holy Scriptures, and when we do, we will catch a fleeting glimpse of the origin of our very destruction. We are told of the Adamic family tree of Adamic man, and how the Adamic man was created in the likeness and image of Yahweh, and how he once walked and talked with Yahweh; and how he knew the mind of Yahweh and was inspired to think the thoughts of Yahweh.

Within the pages of the Holy Scriptures we are given a beautiful picture of a Man of honor, and intellectual integrity, but we are also told that the first Adamic (those who had the Spirit or Breath of Life) were seduced by a satanic philosophy, mentality, and counterfeit wisdom into the partaking of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We are told that many of the first Adamic lost the quality of honor because they mongrelized themselves with the pre-Adamic and hence to the enemies of Yahweh. We are also told that they were driven from within the safety of the Garden of Eden and because of their failure and sin, because of their loss of honor, and mongrelization with the enemies of Yahweh, they set forth a new world order and by their failure, the Bible says satan became the god (gad) of that satanic new world order, the ruler of the kingdom of darkness. We are also told that although many of the Adamic family lost the endowment of the quality of almighty Yahweh that we call ‘honor’ by capitulating to satan by means of surrendering their will, to become mental and physical slaves of the father of all liars, that the creator Yahweh provided a way; hope, and the means of returning the authority and rulership of the earth to the Adamic family. We are told in the Holy Scriptures that Yahweh the Father would and did send a Christ or Savior who would defeat satan and become the satisfaction or ‘honor’ that Yahweh required to once again have favor brought back to the Aryan race or the Adamkind Race, as Yahshua the Messiah was born into that race of people, the Adamkind Race (Aryan). The New Covenant of Yahshua the Messiah is a living witness of the infallible Word of Yahweh who cannot LIE and it tells that the TRUE Yahshua the Messiah did in fact come, and that he did in fact satisfy the justice and the honor of Yahweh by becoming the sacrificial Lamb of Yahweh and by shedding His innocent blood, that He made it possible for the racial Adamkind Race family of Yahweh to be restored to the sanity and honor of Yahweh: one that should have never been removed from the start, but one that had to be removed from the start as it was Yahweh’s will.

Thus, the New Covenant teaches US that those who enter into this covenant by the blood of Yahshua the Messiah, and who cease to be enemies of Yahweh by means of making peace with Yahweh through Yahshua the Messiah, are not only returned to the intellectual (spiritual) integrity and henceforth endowed with HONOR, but are also returned to honorable membership in the holy family of the Adamkind Race, of Yahweh. But Yahshua the Messiah did more than make it possible for those who were enslaved by the corrupted mind to return to the Holy Adamkind Race family of Yahweh, He also defeated satan and took back all authority of rulership in both this world and the spiritual world. You see, the Holy Word, the Holy Scriptures, the Holy Book of Separation (because that is what the Holy Scriptures truly teaches, separation/segregation of the races) declares that when Yahshua the Messiah had defeated the satan’s (satan and the jews, for that is what the jews really are, Satan in true form) of this world and made a show of them openly, He ascended on high to establish an incorruptible government, a Church Body a government beyond the corruption of cowardly men, a government beyond the effects of treason and corruption: one which would last forever, one that would be incorruptible. It would be a government without end, and so, by the first century, the satan’s (talmudic jews) of this world and those members of his corrupt counterfeit family (spiritually dead Aryans/non-White) began corrupting True Biblical Christianity and set in motion apostate and degenerate forms of the True Biblical Christian state that is to exist only in Yahshua the Messiah; (their counterfeit Christianity or Jewdeo-Christianity). But Yahweh the Father, in His omnipotence, knew the tactics and the warfare of satan and those that served him, and so He gave His royal family, His Adamkind Race, an infallible means to identify the satanic corruptions, and gave the Adamkind Race His Holy Word and once and for all time delivered to those that were of His true Adamkind Race family of Yahshua the Messiah an anchor for the establishment of their minds and souls, and as the ONLY TRUE and valid test for a genuine establishment of His Church on Earth as it is in Heaven.

The Holy Scriptures in its entirety is in truth like a hedge of thorns set above and about the Adamkind Race of His people for their protection and salvation. It is an authoritative test of all true principles of scripture and it is therefore the one and only way and means that we as the Adamkind Race as a whole or as individuals may be saved. The satan’s of this world, and those who are their willing slaves, have long been aware of the true and genuine power of the Holy Word of Yahweh. Therefore, since the establishment of the everlasting Church or the government of Yahshua the Messiah, and the bringing to fruition of the Christian State, Satan and those that serve him have sought every means to deceive the people of the living God by seeking to corrupt the word of Yahweh and to establish counterfeit and false standards and translations of the Holy Scriptures of Yahweh. While True Christianity (Divine Truth) is in truth not a denomination or a school of theology, it is however the one and only true Christology taught by the Holy Scripture of the one and only Yahweh. It is therefore the spirit of the Adamkind Race and it knows no other standard than the standard of truth as taught in the Holy Scriptures and known no other Christian body than that as created by Yahshua the Messiah. True Biblical Christianity is therefore the practice of the true and identical faith and spirituality of that which is taught in the Yahweh’s Holy Word and that which was practiced by the first century True Biblical Christians, and which should be practiced by all true Biblical Christians of the Adamkind Race today. True Biblical Christianity (Christology) takes only as its rule of faith and practice the Holy Scripture of Yahweh in its totality, leaving nothing out, and adding nothing to it (Biblical Divine Truth). While we are very much aware that all the apostate and counterfeit denominations and religious cults make this same claim, there are however several enlightened facts that do make True Biblical Christianity and Divine Truth Ministries uniquely different from the claims of those liars who in truth continue to worship Baal and who are in truth Satan worshipers posing as Christians.

One of the first principles that distinguishes True Biblical Christianity and Divine Truth Ministries from counterfeit jewdeo-Christianity is the simple fact that we do not accept the authority, religiously or politically, of any agents of the satanic “new world order.” This includes both the talmudic satanic jews and the Masonic pagans and all other forms of Satanic philosophy that calls Yahweh a liar. For all intents and purposes, we do not accept the Masoretic text of the talmudic satanic jews of the so-called Hebrew to have any valid spiritual inspiration or religious authority, insomuch as the Masoretic text was written and corrupted by these talmudic satanic jews who changed their name to Masoretes and set themselves up as the only religious authorities over the western nations for the sole purpose of bringing about their avowed plan for a talmudic satanic jewish “New World Order”. True Biblical Christianity holds only the Holy Scriptures which are authoritative, which Yahshua the Messiah and His apostles recognized and used as scriptures, were in truth was the Septuagint which was caused to be written by the almighty Elohim, 280 years prior to the birth of our lord, Yahshua the Messiah. We hold, as a high standard of truth, and as a principle of True Christian unity, that our lord and savior Yahshua the Messiah and His apostles, preachers, and teachers did not recognize any other so-called scriptures other than the Septuagint, which was written in the Koine Greek language. This means that all those people in the late 20th or early 21st centuries who have built their religious practice and faith upon all perversions and deceptions of the talmudic satanic jews and who hold these same talmudic satanic jews as religious authorities for their so called Christian faith, are in fact slaves to the jews and are therefore jewdeos, and in fact being deceived and misled in what True Biblical Christianity is and what and who Yahshua the Messiah is.

Thus, True Biblical Christianity teaches that the true and only road to Aryan Unification and the establishment and maintenance of the Aryan/Christian State or Society can and will only be achieved when Aryan men are willing and able to wake up to their deception and repent from that deception and to accept as their only standard of the Word of YAHWEH, those holy scriptures written in the Greek, both the Old Testament Septuagint and the New Covenant Greek, which Yahshua the Messiah and His apostles recognized to be scriptures.

The second essential principle held by True Biblical Christianity and Divine Truth Ministries is that once the Adamkind Race knows what the true Word of Yahweh is, for men to make up their minds to believe the laws and principles of our Father and to practice them in all our affairs. But, as surely as men ignore the first principle of true Aryan and Christian unity herein stated above and as they willfully and knowingly continue to ignore the truth of our history and of the Holy Scripture, for which, incidentally, they will answer to the Word of the Living Elohim as traitors to their Race and to Yahweh almighty, it is just as certain that the same conmen who aid and abet the talmudic satanic jew in attaining and maintaining their establishment of evil are also the same voices who claim that the Word of Yahweh cannot be understood, that the faith of Yahshua the Messiah and therefore the true knowledge of the principles of Yahshua the Messiah cannot be learned. Such men are liars and true enemies of the Adamkind Race.

Now, let us turn through the Holy Scriptures and see what the Yahweh’s holy word must say as to whether we are duty bound to learn the principles of FAITH as taught in the holy scriptures and duty bound thereby to be of one accord, one mind, and to speak and teach the same principles and the same faith. One faith in the True Biblical DUAL SEEDLINE Christianity!