On today’s show I was joined by Jez Turner of, “The London Forum.”

Jez ran us through his background, and then I read an extract from Monica Schaefer’s excellent article on Jez’s ongoing persecution by the UK judicial system, for which Jez provided an update.

We also discussed a variety of issues including: how, “democracy,” only ever seems to consist of a two party system; how the listeners can circulate their views and opinions, whilst protecting themselves from prosecution; the history of the, “London Forum,”; and Jez’s recent experience in Greece when he met leading members of their Nationalist, “Golden Dawn,” political party.

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Click Here For Monica Schaefer’s Article On The Persecution Of Jez Turner

Click Here For Jez’s Article On UK Political Prisoners And How You Can Write To Them. By The Way Don’t Bother Writing To Kevin Crehan As He Already Died In Prison In December 2016 At The Age Of 35, And For Some Reason We Still Have No Official Explanation As To The Cause Of His Death…

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