Ladies and Gentlemen, Farrakhan admitted that the whites are the Israelites. I watched the whole so-called sermon. Farrakhan is now preaching a meld of Islam and Christianity. This is in line with what the Pope said recently when he stated that the Bible and the Quran are essentially the same. In one breath Farrakhan tells his audience that Allah is God and then in the next Jesus is Messiah. Then he may say that Muhammed is the Savior. You can see that Farrakhan is part of the NWO plot. He could now qualified as a British Israelist. He thinks the Jews are white people and all white people are the devil. Though he points out the Jews as the sources of the problems of the blacks, he still thinks the whites are also included. Thus he says all whites are the Israelites. Strangely he claims that white people came from blacks. He says that Esau was black and Jacob was white. He also claims that the Angel that Jacob wrestled with was black and that Angel was also called God. He says that the whites have always struggled against the blacks who are the stronger people.

Amazingly, he tells the blacks they are dead lining when it comes to business. He barely holds them to account for their own suffering. He claims that back in the days of slavery all the blacks were highly skilled workmen and that they were the builders, not the whites. He says that a Jew went to Congress to start a movement to put the blacks back on the plantations and in doing so, the blacks were not allowed to continue being tradesman and since the fathers could not teach the sons the trades, the blacks just miraculously lost those abilities. Of course the audience has no idea he lying to them. They believe every word with all their hearts. We all know the blacks of Africa have made nothing more than one story mud huts and he knows that too. He speaks of all the other immigrants that come to America and within a short span of time they are successfully surpassing the blacks. He blames the white race for this, giving his people excuses for their lack of success.

He speaks of the slave trade and tells them a story of a black slave woman who lived in a barn with her children and ate crickets and worms. He speaks of his books often, holding them up and telling them what scholarly works they are and how they should buy them so they will know all the facts about the slavery days. He has no problem making the church an house of merchandise while selling the ideas that they are all the holy people. In fact, just like Texe Marrs, his books are the most important aspect of the sermon. He says it’s the structure of white supremacy that keeps the blacks down. The audience agrees without questioning their own abilities or accountability which is truly amazing to observe. Like Jews, the blacks don’t have the will to work and Farrakhan tells them that the blacks are done working for white people. LOL

He then speaks about the Jews who are tied to black people in the entertainment fields and how they steal their money so the black artists die poor. Obviously Farrakhan doesn’t really understand the Jews Lol. He doesn’t know that they are the Serpent seed line and that their father is Heylel (LUCIFER). It’s amusing to watch as this self proclaimed prophet of God…or Allah preaching from the bible like he is qualified when it’s obvious that he has no idea what he’s talking about. He simply uses Scriptures to frame his sermon and pretends to make the sermon legitimize his twisted up stories. This is the technique of all those who pretend to know the Scriptures and are the biggest names in Religion. Farrakhan is absolutely an hypocrite and this is about as obvious as it gets. For instance, he is supposed to be an holy man right? Well, he brings up brother Obama and says he’s a good brother who is extremely intelligent and that the Jews wanted to use his great intelligence..Lol.  Said he was groomed for this job at this hour. Incredibly, he never mentions that Obama is an homosexual, a liar, a communist, and all the other filthy things this beast of the fields is. Farrakhan just miraculously never mentions a thing about any of it. If Farrakhan was a true prophet, he would never connect himself with such a degenerate and he would have condemned Obama and his transvestite wife Michael. Farrakhan knows all about these things. He may be fooling his own people, but he’s not fooling the rest of the world. Secondly, he mentions Michael Jackson and speaks of him highly yet, if he were a true prophet, he would have condemned Michael as well for being a pedophile. You see, Farrakhan is showing his cards without his audience picking up on it.

Farrakhan speaks of the Jews promoting the blacks in the sports and entertainment fields and tells the blacks they have such great talents like throwing the ball into a hoop or singing and that the Jews exploit these Magnificent talents. of course he is correct in this assumption but is it not amazing that he neglects to quote Israel Cohen to his people? Let’s see the quote:

Is this not amazing? Of course Farrakhan knows of this and just doesn’t want his people to know about it. Farrakhan is not a man of God, a prophet or an holy man. He is a con man and is helping the Jews use his own people. He is an instrument of the Devil and his offspring the Jews make no mistake. Selling his books is the prime mover and giving his people excuses for their absolute failure are secondary. He spoke about the blacks getting reparations as well. He is vermin just like the Jews are vermin. Farrakhan and his people have joined the Jews in going against the establishment of the Israelite nations and ultimately the Kingdom Of Yahweh. May Yahweh destroy them all is my prayer.

Until next time

David James