On today’s show I was joined by Pastor Eli James, to discuss Nord Davis Jr. whose work I featured in my, “Absent Friends series.

Pastor Eli knew Nord, and spoke of his experiences with him, we then discussed some of his work.

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You can listen or download my four “Absent Friends,” shows on the work of Nord Davis Jr. below:

(16) February 6 2016 Pamphlet – Britain And Jewry And Nord Davis Jr – Part 1 (This week I conclude reading from a 1938 pamphlet entitled, ‘Britain And Jewry,’ by an unknown Absent Friend. I then start a new series on Nord Davis Jr. This week four articles: the Biblical Law; how Jews are not Israel; the Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto; and Nelson Mandela.)

(17) February 13 2016 Nord Davis Jr – Part 2 (This week I conclude Nord’s article on Nelson Mandela, and the other articles I explore cover: American Prisoners of War still in captivity in Southeast Asia; Talmudic Origins of the Noahide Laws; The Death of Gordon Kahl; The Phineas Priesthood; Darwin’s Refutation of his Theory of Evolution; The Deaths of Karl Marx and Thomas Paine; Self-Defence; Stand Mute as Christ In Court; and America’s Fabulous Lady Patriots.)

(18) February 20 2016 Nord Davis Jr – Part 3 (This week I conclude Nord’s article on America’s Fabulous Lady Patriots, and the other articles I explore cover: Jews Exempt from West German Military Service and Ruth was an Israelite. I then read from Nord’s seminal work, ‘Star Wars’: an extract from Lesson Three; Lesson Six in its entirety; and extracts from Lessons Seven, Eight, and Thirteen. I conclude with Nord’s speech on C. I. Scofield.)

(19) February 27 2016 Nord Davis Jr – Part 4 And John Tyndall – Part 1 (This week I finish my series on the works of Nord Davis Jr as I conclude Nord’s speech on C. I. Scofield. I then start a new series on John Tyndall, reading the following extracts of chapters from John’s book, ‘The Eleventh Hour.’ This week: Origins and Early Life (page 24); The Call of Politics (pages 42, 53-56, and 64); Is there a Conspiracy? (pages 93-94 and 103-107); and The Cancer of Liberalism (pages 122-123, 127-128, and 129-130.)