On March 15th I received an email from an old adversary I have not heard from in quite some time, Corey Meyer, who wrote:

“Writing for the Barnes Review? Never had you pegged as an anti-Semite…but I suppose it is not unlikely since neo-confederatism is just a gateway drug to other forms of hate.”

Click Here For The Full DeadConfederates.com Hit-Piece On Clint Lacy, Valerie Hughes, and Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Corey is a throwback to my days as a blogger. I used to be very active in the defense of Southern Heritage, blogging nearly everyday about issues that affect our history.

Mr. Meyer used to hang onto my every word, along with Andy Hall, and occasionally Kevin Levin.

Though I slowed down my activism, I by no means quit defending my heritage. It seems like everyday I was wasting my time responding to these gentlemen.

I determined to refocus my energy in a more productive manner, which was writing for The Barnes Review magazine, and authoring a book about Civil War crimes against civilians in my area on Christmas Day, 1863.

I’ve been called many things in my life, but an anti-Semite has never been one of them.

What could have brought forth these charges leveled against me?

Apparently one reason was writing for The Barnes Review, which admittedly is a controversial magazine. I not only write for it, I also sit on the Editorial Review Board.

Are there times I see something I do not agree with in the magazine? Yes, but I guarantee anyone who picks up a copy will also find articles they do like. This is what happens when one has an open mind, a mind of their own, and the ability to research subjects on their own. God forbid someone actually learns something of historical and factual significance!

Andy Hall, who runs the blog Dead Confederates, is a Texan who has rejected the “Lost Cause” mentality. Especially troubling to Hall is my appearance on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Show based out of London, England.

Hall writes:

“Why are Confederate Heritage authors actively promoting their material to the anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denier crowd?

No, that’s not a rhetorical question.

It’s been a while since we heard from Valerie, “LadyVal,” Protopapas Hughes, or Clint Lacy, who a few years back were two of the louder online voices promoting Confederate Heritage issues. (Hughes was last heard from comparing freed African Americans in 1865 to six-year-old-children, while Lacy ran a now-dormant blog subtitled, “Your Voice in the Sons of Confederate Veterans,” and used it to complain about how non-white drivers were ruining NASCAR.) So I was surprised to see (via a posting at SHPG), them both pop up on an almost comically-rancid anti-Semitic website, andrewcarringtonhitchcock-dot-com (notice Hall chooses not to provide a direct link to Hitchcock’s site in his hit-piece even though he provides eleven links to other sites within the article! – Ed.), hawking their recent publications in between the host’s screeds about Jews, miscegenation, and white genocide.”

(For the record Andy, diversity IS what is killing NASCAR , which is why we are seeing tv viewership, race attendance, and revenue plummet so bad they are actually removing seats from the tracks! )

Mr. Hall continues:

“Lacy gave a full, hour-long interview that quickly moved beyond Lacy’s discussion of Copperheads during the Civil War, and spent most of the time in a rollicking discussion about immigration, liberals, and how they want to destroy Western Civilization. Hitchcock, author of the books The Synagogue of Satan, Satan’s Banker, and Zionist Conspiracy, repeatedly circled the conversation back to Jews and their alleged controlling hands in this supposed genocide of the whites, and I never heard Lacy express even a mild objection or disagreement to his host’s assertions. Not once.”

Newsflash Andy Hall: It is not my show. I am the guest and the guest does not interrupt the host but since you are so interested in my religious beliefs I will tell you.

I do not beat down the Church House door every Sunday. I was raised Southern Baptist and was taught that the Jews were God’s chosen people and that Israel is the Holy Land.

I recently read Texe Marrs book, “Holy Serpent of the Jews,” in which he uses prominent rabbis’ own words as his source.

The main focus of the book, according to Marrs is:

“The average Christian Pastor or Minister knows absolutely nothing about the Holy Serpent or the other insane doctrines of the Kabbalah and Talmud. He or she believes only that the Jews worship the God Jehovah, the I AM of the Old Testament.

In fact the Jewish high, “God,” is not Jehovah at all, but is named, “Ein Sof,” and the Jews neither worship nor pray to this mysterious, ineffable, “God.” Instead they pray to one of the many gods and goddesses of the Tree of Life, or directly to Satan and Lucifer.”

So do I hate Jews? No. Do I still believe they are God’s “chosen people?” No. Have I read Andrew Carrington Hitchcock’s, “The Synagogue of Satan?” No, but I plan on reading it.

Do I disavow Texe Marrs or Andrew Carrington Hitchcock? Absolutely not. I believe Mr. Marrs has written a very well documented book which answers a lot of questions for people willing to read it.

I consider Andrew Carrington Hitchcock a very good friend, and will happily appear on his show anytime he is gracious enough to invite me on.

I do not owe Corey Meyer or Andy Hall an apology, an explanation, or anything else for that matter.

If these gentlemen find anything I or Mr. Hitchcock have wrote or spoken offensive, there is a very simple solution – do not read or listen!


Clint Lacy