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Sean And Mufidah Madden – GlaringHypocrisy.com

On today’s show I was joined by Sean and Mufidah Madden of GlaringHypocrisy.com, a website which they launched on June 16 2016.

We discussed: the 9/11 attacks; the London 7/7 bombings; and many other topics.

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Taco Dankers – NGOs Behind Organized Invasion Of Europe

On today’s show I was joined by Taco Dankers to discuss his article in The Barnes Review entitled, “NGOs Behind Organized Invasion Of Europe.”

We discussed: the population growth in blacks compared to the population reduction in whites; how NGO’s are shipping immigrants from Libya to Italy; and many other topics.

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The Synagogue Of Satan Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored – Part 11 (1954 – 1977)

On today’s show I continued the series in which I will be reading my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored,” (now banned by Amazon), in its entirety.

On today’s show I read years 1954 – 1977.

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Frosty Wooldridge – The Environmental Effects Of Overpopulation Worldwide – Part 7

On today’s show Frosty Wooldridge returned to continue his series entitled, “The Environmental Effects Of Overpopulation Worldwide.”

Did you know that 29 months after Fukushima’s nuclear power plants exploded and started leaking millions or possibly billions of gallons of radioactive toxic waste into the Pacific Ocean, the contaminated liquid circulated into all of the oceans of the world.

Also that radioactive waste enters into every living creature in the Earth’s oceans and contaminates their flesh. If you eat salmon, tuna, shrimp and other marine creatures in 2013, you cannot help but absorb, to some degree, the radioactive contamination of Fukushima.

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Lady Michéle Renouf – The Revisionist Heresy

On today’s show I was joined by Lady Michéle Renouf to discuss her article in The Barnes Review entitled, “The Revisionist Heresy.”

We discussed the cases of many different holocaust revisionists, who Lady Michéle has tirelessly supported for many years, along with many other topics.

Incidentally the transcript of Lady Michéle’s article was drafted by The Barnes Review’s editor, John Tiffany, from her YouTube below.


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