What have I repeatedly told you folks?

I have said time and time again on my radio shows, that you need to make sure you download these shows as they will not be around forever.

Well, today the first shot was fired. My book, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored,” has been banned by Amazon.

I just received this email:


We’re contacting you regarding the following book:

Title : The Synagogue Of Satan (ID:2223648)

During our review process, we found that this content is in violation of our content guidelines. As a result, we cannot offer this book for sale. If we identify additional submissions with similar content that violates our guidelines you may lose access to optional KDP services and/or face account level actions up to and including termination.

To learn more about our content guidelines, please visit our Kindle Direct Publishing Help page at:


Best regards,
Amazon KDP
Best Regards,

Benedicte K.
Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

Make of that last line, “Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company,” what you will…

They have also banned the paperback version, as you will see if you click on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock search string here:

Link To Books By Andrew Carrington Hitchcock On Amazon

This has only been a matter of time in coming, indeed back in 2013 the World Jewish Congress, requested my book be banned, which you can read about in their open letter to Amazon here:

Don’t sell books that deny the Holocaust, WJC urges Amazon.com

Today has indeed been a historic day in shutting down free speech, so far loads of holocaust revisionist books have been banned, as has M.S. King’s, “The Bad War.”  Incidentally my good friend, Mike Walsh-McLaughlin, had his books taken down by amazon a couple of months ago.

Amazon Mass-Bans Dissident Materials

“The Bad War,” has been Banned By Amazon!

Click Here For Mike Walsh-McLaughlin’s Article On The Capitulation Of Amazon

Fortunately you can still purchase, “The Synagogue Of Satan – Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored,” direct from the publisher here:

Click Here To Buy The Book Direct From The Publisher

I also have a limited number of signed copies available (if you want one of these, be sure to let me know the name of the person you want the book signed to, otherwise I will simply sign and date the book.)

Click Here For The Andrew Carrington Hitchcock Signed Bookstore

In conclusion, why do you think today was chosen for a mass censoring of books that offend the jews? Well it might have something to do with the fact that their celebration of Purim starts today, March 9 2017. What is Purim? Purim is the day the jews are encouraged to get revenge against their enemies.  And what is one of their favorite weapons?  Economic Boycotts!

When is Purim in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020?

On that basis I think there can be little doubt that the jews chosen enemy in 2017 is free speech.

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

March 9th, 2017