On today’s show I was joined by both Daryl Bradford Smith and Muhammad Rafeeq, who did many shows together on Daryl’s legendary radio show, “The French Connection.”

The main focus of this show was paying tribute to the late, great Eustace Mullins, who Daryl had as a guest on his show many, many times.

We also discussed a number of other topics and concluded with a discussion on 9/11 and a review of The French Connection radio show.

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I also recorded four Absent Friends shows on the work of Eustace Mullins, which you can listen to below:

(21) March 12 2016 Eustace Mullins – Part 1 (This week a new series on Eustace Mullins in which I read a short bio of Eustace, followed by the updated Foreward from the 1991 edition of Secrets Of The Federal Reserve and Chapter 2 of My Life In Christ.)

(22) March 19 2016 Eustace Mullins – Part 2 (This week I continue reading from Chapter 2 of Eustace Mullins’ book, My Life In Christ.)

(23) March 26 2016 Eustace Mullins – Part 3 (This week I finish reading Eustace Mullins’ book, My Life In Christ.” I then read selections of the following pages from, “The Biological Jew,” 11, 15-16, 33, 35-36, 40-41, 46-47, 82, 84. Finally I move onto, “Mullins New History Of The Jews,” reading selections from the following pages, 17-18, 37-38, 54-57, 72-73, 120, 136, 144-145, 151-153.)

(24) April 2 2016 Eustace Mullins – Part 4 (This week I conclude my series on Eustace Mullins, by reading selections of the following pages from, “Murder By Injection,” Eustace’s Foreword then pages 3-5, 8-12, 34-35, 130-137, 158-159, 173-175, 358-360. Then I move onto, “The Great Betrayal” reading from page 5-6, and I conclude the series by reading from, “The Secret Holocaust,” pages 19-21 and 26.)

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