On today’s show I was joined by Mike Walsh who recounted his experiences with the late, great, John Tyndall.

I also read excerpts from John Tyndall’s book, “The Eleventh Hour,” which Mike commented on.

To conclude the show, Mike recalled the time he spoke at a conference in Washington alongside the late, great, Willis Carto.

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I recorded two Absent Friends shows in which I read out extracts from John Tyndall’s, “The Eleventh Hour,” which you can listen to here:

(19) February 27 2016 Nord Davis Jr – Part 4 And John Tyndall – Part 1 (This week I finish my series on the works of Nord Davis Jr as I conclude Nord’s speech on C. I. Scofield. I then start a new series on John Tyndall, reading the following extracts of chapters from John’s book, ‘The Eleventh Hour.’ This week: Origins and Early Life (page 24); The Call of Politics (pages 42, 53-56, and 64); Is there a Conspiracy? (pages 93-94 and 103-107); and The Cancer of Liberalism (pages 122-123, 127-128, and 129-130.)

(20) March 5 2016 John Tyndall – Part 2 (This week I finish my series on John Tyndall, reading the following extracts from his seminal book, ‘The Eleventh Hour.’ The Cancer of Liberalism (pages 132-134); The Left (136-137, 138-139); Conservatism in Surrender (163-164); Years of Political Apprenticeship (178-179); Freedom – The Illusion and the Reality (254-255); The Role of the Media (269-270, 273, 285-286); The Racial Controversy (346-347, 348-350, 362-364); The Imperial Imperative (401, 423-424); Britain and the World (442, 457-459); The Way Ahead (522)

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