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Dr. Nick Begich – Weather Control, Mind Control, And Climate Change

On today’s show I was joined by Dr. Nick Begich, who I first became aware of very early on in my discovery of the truth. This was via his work on weather modification entitled, “Angels Don’t Play This HAARP,” which absolutely fascinated me.

Nick runs through this on the show, along with his background, and his other research on Mind Control and Climate Change.

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Paul English – The Works Of Arnold Leese

On today’s show I was joined by Paul English of EuroFolkRadio to discuss the works of Arnold Leese.

Arnold Spencer Leese (1878 – 18 January 1956) was a veterinarian and British fascist politician. He was the founder of the Imperial Fascist League and the London editor of The Fascist. After the Second World War, during which he was imprisoned Defence Regulation 18B, he led the National Workers Movement and edited the journal Gothic Ripples. He also wrote many pamphlets and books, including My Irrelevant Defence: Meditations Inside Gaol and Out on Jewish Ritual Murder, and Gentile Folly: The Rothschilds, both of which we discuss on the show.


The Synagogue Of Satan Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored – Part 6 (1898 – 1920)

On today’s show I continued the series in which I will be reading my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored,” in its entirety.

On today’s show I read years 1898 – 1920.

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Frosty Wooldridge – The Environmental Effects Of Overpopulation Worldwide – Part 3

On today’s show Frosty Wooldridge returned to continue his series entitled, “The Environmental Effects Of Overpopulation Worldwide.”

Did you know that we human beings prove to be the most aberrant species that ever evolved on planet Earth. Within 100 years, we have transformed this green, ecologically balanced and thriving globe into an environmental nightmare. We have created the, “Six Extinction Session,” whereby 80 to 100 species suffer extinction every single day of the year. We pump our fossil fuel carbon exhaust into the biosphere at such a rate of speed that our pollution acidifies the soils and oceans of the world.

Our poisoning of the biosphere’s air creates acid rain that falls upon forests, lakes and streams—wiping out their PH balance that subsequently kills other creatures, both plant and animal, indiscriminately. Our deadly, filthy injection of 80,000 human-made chemicals into the air, land and water 24/7 unwinds the very foundation of life-based DNA on this planet. Our Genetically Modified Organisms create an insurmountable and growing nightmare for Mother Nature.

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Mark Anderson – This Week’s American Free Press

On today’s show I will be joined by Mark Anderson of AFP to run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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