On today’s show Frosty Wooldridge returned to continue his series entitled, “America, Canada, And Western Countries Becoming The Third World’s Refugee Camps.”

Did you know that recently, young French people formed a group, “Identatie Solidaire,” which means they identify with their French culture and language. They may be too little too late as the Arabic language vies against the French language in France. France features over seventy no-go zones where Muslims rule the streets which they do not allow police to enter, let alone French citizens.

The same holds true in London, England. Two London’s exist today, the Islamic sector and the British sector. Muslims force their barbaric Sharia Law onto the British Empire. The British whimper at their fate.

Holland recently stopped all Muslim immigration for fear of its own culture as a Dutch people. Belgium faces total take-over by Muslims. Similar situations face Norway, Sweden, Germany, Spain and Austria. Sweden suffered major Muslim riots in 2013. Swedes face so much tension over immigration that the government just passed a law that no one can speak up or write against immigration whatsoever…

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