Consider this a maxim: “Gun-Free Zones” are the most violent places on earth.    The City of Chicago is the worst example of allowing black gang violence to flourish while pretending to care about the blacks who are its most frequent perpetrators and victims.  The reason for this hypocrisy is that gun violence in “gun-free zones” is used as a fear-mongering tactic to attack the Second Amendment – and to disarm peaceful, gun-owning Whites..  It is getting so bad in Chicago that these shootings are now taking place on the expressways.  Remember, Chicago is a “gun-free zone.”

Shooting on Eisenhower is 11th of the year


Gun Free Zones: Notice also that the criminals causing violence in gun-free zones are almost always non-Whites.

The safest places on earth are where honest citizens can defend themselves with guns.  The most dangerous places on earth are “gun-free zones.”