pizzagate-exposed-greenMSM is trying to poo-poo the Pizzagate story, because Hillary Clinton is involved, but as you will find out, this world-wide pedophilia/sex slave mafia is very real.

We recently did  story on the Lolita Express child sex ring involving Billary, Anthony Weiner and other jooz.  It turns out that this is a much bigger story, which has been called Pizzagate, involving an international pedophilia/child sex slave ring.  This is part of the Illuminati/Freemasonry subversion of Western civilization.  This video will provide background info, linking major false flags like 9/11, Waco, and Oklahoma City to the international mafia, including MK Ultra.


This video provides personal testimony of how sick these pedophiles are.  (Warning: very disturbing information, bordering on the unbelievable, involving satanic ritual abuse and human sacrifice.)

News like this will not be broadcast on the joostream media.  Please share.  Your child may be next.