On today’s show, Daryl Bradford Smith returns to talk us through his research on the international pedophilia ring that has surfaced recently in the, “Pizza Gate,” scandal, evidence of which has been discovered amongst Hillary Clinton’s numerous emails.

Daryl was a leading light in exposing the elites’ predilection for sexually abusing children, during his French Connection radio show which ran for over ten years. It is the duty of all of us to continue exposing these evil evil people, who prey on defenceless children to satisfy their own sick and perverted desires.

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Daryl has asked my listeners to please listen to two shows he did with John W. DeCamp on this very issue, so I am making them available for download below. I also offer a link to the banned, “Conspiracy Of Silence,” documentary on YouTube, that John mentions in the show.

Click Here To Listen To Daryl’s April 5, 2006 Interview With John W. DeCamp

Click Here To Listen To Daryl’s October 3, 2006 Interview With John W. DeCamp

Click Here To View The, “Conspiracy Of Silence,” Documentary

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