by Billy Roper

Hispanics are overwhelmingly Catholic, though some Evangelical churches have fallen all over themselves trying to fill their pews with the new brown parishioners. Spanish language T.V. religious broadcasts and dual language church services, help with obtaining documentation and ‘social services’ regardless of their legal status, and even pictures depicting Jesus as a Mestizo, all await the new invaders. Whatever it takes to put some pesos into the offering plates.  Despite some downhome inroads, in general most Latrinos remain Catholic, especially in communities where their populations are dense enough to have their own churches, and priests, and hold traditional mass. Instead of turning the Hispanics into Protestants, the Protestants, especially in the south, have become more pro-diversity and welcoming of legal and illegal immigrants…or they have drifted away from the church, if their traditional racial beliefs remained strong enough to sustain them. Meanwhile, the old Italian and Irish centers of American Catholicism have surrendered their own formerly tightly held ethnic loyalties in exchange for something more left-wing than liberation theology, a multiracial apologist cult of trendy Catholicism which is absolutely ‘universal’. Those who disagree, like Mel Gibson and other conservatives, form their own associations with the Creator on their own terms. Most of organized Catholicism, today, now supports multiracialism and diversity, too.

A few White Nationalists have been attracted to Orthodox Christianity, a faith foreign in more ways than one to many Americans outside of a dozen widely-spread Eastern European ethnic communities, primarily on the East Coast. That is because, up until recently in Eastern Europe, there were few nonWhites except Jews for the Orthodox church to concern itself with, and its record with them was formidable.  Simply because,  the issue never came up. Now, of course, Eastern Orthodoxy is becoming more inclusive and welcoming to any featherless biped which accepts its faith and bothers to show up. If you don’t believe it, just ask them.

Even more than race, perhaps, even within races, certainly, religion has always been a great divider. Jesus himself said to not believe that He had come to unite the earth, but to divide it, and that He had not come to bring peace, but a sword. That’s some real talk, there.

I was raised as a Southern Baptist. Within the Southern Baptist Convention, widely regarded as the most conservative of the Protestant denominations, reside the First and Second Baptist churches, as well as the traditionally segregated black congregations and the White congregations. Within the small town in which I grew up, like most of its kind, there were more churches than any other kind of business. Most similar to our own were the Missionary Baptists and the Freewill Baptists. The Assembly of God believed in a less reserved and stoic celebration of faith, including speaking in tongues and faith healing and the laying on of hands. They also believed that one could backslide and be in need of salvation again, much like Catholics, but without the confessional. Our denomination believed that once you were saved, you were always saved. Then there were the Methodists, the Presbyterians, the Church of God, the Church of Christ, the Pentecostals whose women wore long denim skirts, and the scattering of Mennonites. Larger towns had Episcopalians, Lutherans…it’s dizzying for me, and I grew up in it. Some of the doctrinal differences were insignificant, but for some, the devil was in the details. Not a few believed that all of the sinners except their very own congregation were going to Hell on a shingle, and they might not be too sure about the last few pews. Add to that environment the hysteria caused by the grid going down and the kids being hungry, and one can imagine how even minor religious differences might affect even otherwise homogeneous White areas following The Balk.

Ideally, in a survival situation where things are desperate, just staying alive might trump racialism, and racialism might trump religious differences, but based on human history, that’s not the safe way to bet.  There really are two large Protestant Christian denominations who are somewhat prepared for balkanization. They are the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and Christian Identity adherents. There are over six million Mormons in the U.S. who are a part of their official church, and another quarter million who belong to one of several Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints sects which believe in, if not practice, polygamy. Their collective sphere of influence stretches from Arizona to Idaho, centered on Utah, of course. The LDS and the FLDS are organized preppers, encouraging not only communities and churches but individual households to stock up on canned and nonperishable food and other essential supplies, even operating large canneries for that purpose.  Deep in the collective Mormon psyche are prophecies that the U.S. government will collapse and their theocracy, called Deseret, will rise as a powerful independent nation. Their founder, Joseph Smith, called the idea ‘The White Horse Prophecy’. Those who have read my ‘Hasten The Day’ trilogy, once again, will recognize this scenario as unfolding during The Balk. Their organizational skills from the grassroots and community level up the state and regional plane position them well to consolidate and retain power following a collapse and absence of Federal authority.

Up until a generation ago, the LDS was openly racial, denying that nonWhites even had souls, until the NCAA threatened to stop broadcasting sporting events at B.Y.U. unless they changed that policy publicly. They have since imported a fair number of Pacific Islander converts to Mormonism, and Utah, from their mission work there over the last two decades. Many of the F.L.D.S., however, are unreformed and unapologetic on that issue, just as they are on polygamy. Interestingly, the recent Supreme Court ruling legalizing gay marriage opens the door to legalizing polygamous marriage next, if matrimony is no longer defined as the legal union of one man and one woman. Such a court case would both marginalize the L.D.S. somewhat from mainstream society as being ‘fringe’ again, as well as strengthen and reunite it internally, which would be a profitable trade-off for them. Some Protestant Christians already consider Mormonism to be a cult, and the L.D.S. to not even be a Christian denomination, per se.  From what I have seen of Mormons I know, they will be better off than most of the rest of us, when the day comes.

Christian Identity is a much smaller denomination, with perhaps 25,000 official adherents throughout the United States, and perhaps twice again that number who share most of the beliefs of Christian Identity. Many of them live in the Ozarks or Appalachians, or in other predominantly White, rural areas. Although it is divided into more and less radical sects referred to as ‘single seedline’ and ‘dual seedline’, all Christian Identity doctrines share the basic views that Whites are the Israelites of the Bible, and therefore are God’s chosen people. They are, then, definitively racialist. With few actual churches or congregations, most worship in family units or with other family units, and practice their faith in chosen withdrawal from mainstream Judeo-Christianity. One could, indeed, write a book simply about different Christian Identity doctrines, and indeed, others have.

But within the current borders of the currently United States are also many other religions.  There are Hindus, largely from India, following what some of them don’t even realize was originally a racial religion developed by the Aryans who conquered northern India and brought civilization to it 6,000 years ago. The caste system of ‘varnas’, which comes from the same root word as our ‘varnish’, meaning color, were supposed to keep the Aryan’s descendants from interbreeding with the native Dravidians. It worked, pretty much, for a long time. Then there are Sikhs, whose turbans often get them confused with Muslims, and Buddhists and Shintoists and Odinists and Wiccans and Druids, and everything else that ever was, it seems like. When the lid comes off, some people will shed their religion and their philosophy like a sweater during the summer, and focus on survival. Others will cling to their faiths more tightly than ever. Remember the witchcraft trials? Imagine how some will behave towards non-believers if they think they’re acting out a chapter of Revelations in real time?  The apocalyptic cleansing could sweep away as many as ethnic and racial differences, once it gets started.

While it is true that more people have been killed in places like Cambodia, the Soviet Union, and China by those trying to enforce an absence of religion, those squabbling over whose version of belief is best ranks a close second in terms of bloodletting, historically. The Crusades. The Thirty Year’s War. England vs. Spain. The I.R.A.. You get the picture. Right now, religious division means some people wanting to protest or otherwise stop abortions, while others support a woman’s ‘right to choose’.  Some support traditional marriage, while others applaud the legalization of gay marriage.  But when The Balk comes, faith will take on a higher degree of importance, and there won’t be a civil authority around to curb mob rule.

People tend to revert back to their most deeply held, primitive, basic group identities when the thin threads of civilization that bind them to others more removed from them break. Their families. People who look and sound like them. People who think and believe what they do, or who can fake it reasonably well, pragmatically. Those who are different will be turned on by the mob. Like any other differentiation, you’re going to be better off living around people who are more homogeneous, and in a way that’s similar to you, when things fall apart. As a matter of fact, becoming a part of a community means being involved politically and socially and culturally with it, and building connections and relationships with others within it for mutually advantageous future support. It’s all about networking, from a community watch on steroids to a bartering system to group public works projects for the collective good. Join a local civic organization. Be active in your community. In many White areas of New America, that means either going to a local church, or at least being on friendly terms with some who do. Being the only Odinist or Wiccan in a Christian community when the lights go out will be just about as good for you and your families’ long term survival chances as being an HIV positive Somalian. Maybe worse, if the Somalian can sing ‘Kumbaya’ in English.


The above is an excerpt from Chapter Four of “The Balk” by Billy Roper. To continue reading more from this portential nonfiction study of the coming breakup of America, click here.

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