Ten years ago today I was sat nervously by the phone about to record my first ever radio show. This was as a guest on Daryl Bradford Smith’s hugely influential, “The French Connection.”

Daryl’s work is what changed the dynamic for me. It took me away from nebulous terms such as the, “New World Order,” and the, “Illuminati,” and instead provided actual names of these criminals running the world today. This subsequently inspired my, “History Of The House Of Rothschild,” timeline, that Daryl put up on his site and ended up as the foundation for my book, “The Synagogue Of Satan.”

On today’s show we discussed Daryl’s background and his opinion regarding what is going on in the world today, including the mainstream media consistently pushing the idea of World War 3, and the forthcoming U.S. Presidential election.

I want to thank Daryl not only for recording this show to go out on such a significant day for me, but also for his encouragement and support from the very beginning, without which my book would never have been possible.

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