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Joe Rizoli – Free Speech


On today’s show I was very pleased to finally make the acquaintance of Joe Rizoli. I have admired his work for a long time and it was a privilege to have him on the show. We had a great time discussing: the left wing media; how Jews hate nationalism yet are racial nationalists themselves; and how Joe and his brother (the famous, “Rizoli Brothers”) have had their First Amendment rights to free speech attacked for years.

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Click Here For Jim Rizoli’s Interview With Fred Leuchter Which We Mentioned On The Show


David Dees – David’s Political Artwork


On today’s show, I was joined by one of the most recognisable people in the Truth Movement. The Political Artist and Satirist David Dees. I don’t know how many of David’s excellent pieces of political art I have seen over the years but I would imagine it is hundreds. We talked about his awakening as to who really controls the world, which came initially from the laughable official version of 9/11 and the Chemtrails phenomenon. David then took us on a tour of his website discussing several pieces of his artwork.

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Pastor Bob Jones – In The Name Of Yahweh – Part 13

Pastor Bob Jones

On today’s show Pastor Bob returns to continue our Identity series on my book, “In The Name Of Yahweh,” discussing the scripture I referred to in the book.


Rick Adams (Guest Host) – White Genocide And The Kalergi Plan


Today’s show was somewhat different. Basically The Barnes Review published an article entitled, “White Genocide And The Kalergi Plan,” in their July/August 2016 issue that was based on my, “Jewish Genocide Of The White Race: CASE CLOSED!” articles.

Regular listeners to my show will be well aware of the high esteem in which I hold Rick Adams, who I regard as the finest broadcaster out there. On that basis I was delighted he agreed to act as a guest host on this show, essentially interviewing me on my article.

Rick has a weekly show, “Rick Adams Uncensored,” that goes out on the, “Republic Broadcasting Network,” and also a YouTube channel, “Rick Adams Uncensored – The Deadly Experiment.”

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As I said the article we discussed was based upon my two, “Jewish Genocide Of The White Race: CASE CLOSED!” articles that you can view below.

Click Here For “Jewish Genocide Of The White Race: CASE CLOSED! Part 1”

Click Here For “Jewish Genocide Of The White Race: CASE CLOSED! Part 2”

I also encourage my listeners to subscribe to The Barnes Review that host my TBR Radio Show.

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Dave Gahary – This Week’s American Free Press


Dave Gahary makes his regular bi-weekly appearance on the show and we run through selected articles in the new edition of the American Free Press.

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