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Thomas Goodrich – Hellstorm


On today’s show Thomas Goodrich joins me to discuss his books. We start off with his background and bio, then we spend the majority of the show discussing his masterpiece, “Hellstorm,” which gives the true account of the widespread suffering of innocent German people, both during and after World War 2.

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Stephen Mitford Goodson – Financial Insight & True South African History


On today’s show Stephen started off by giving information on his background and on each of his books including, “A History of Central Banking and the Enslavement of Mankind,” the insight for which he gained over five decades as a specialist in the financial sector.

He then talked us through what he considered to be the fairest banking model, which would be based upon the state producing it’s own currency, that would not have to be backed by gold.

Finally he talked us through his three forthcoming books which should be available on amazon later in the year. These are on Jan Smuts, Ian Smith, and Hendrik Verwoerd respectively, and he provided extensive details on each of these men.


Pastor Bob Jones – In The Name Of Yahweh – Part 12

Pastor Bob Jones

On today’s show Pastor Bob returns to continue our Identity series on my book, “In The Name Of Yahweh,” discussing the scripture I referred to in the book.


Mike Walsh-McLaughlin – Africa’s Killing Fields

Mike Walsh

On today’s show Mike Walsh-McLaughlin returned to discuss his new book, “Africa’s Killing Fields.” As regular listeners will know Mike is an extremely prolific writer, indeed this is the third book he has written this year that I have interviewed him about.

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Brian Ruhe – The Jewish Question


On today’s show I was joined by prolific broadcaster Brian Ruhe, who presents, “The Brian Ruhe Show,” on YouTube. Brian ran us through his background and bio, and then we tackled the main topic of the show, which was, “The Jewish Question.”

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