Dr Adrian Krieg

On today’s show Dr. Adrian Krieg returned with me to discuss a number of issues. He started off with some information about The Barnes Review’s founder, Willis Carto, having just obtained his FBI file which had nothing objectionable in it whatsoever, yet he discovered the FBI continued to hound Willis throughout his life.

We then discussed Hillary Clinton’s ongoing health issues, notably her collapse at the recent 9/11 Memorial Event.

I then played a Judge Jeanine clip with Charles Ortel, which gave an overview of questions surrounding, “The Clinton Foundation.”

Dr. Krieg then presented his work into this foundation to provide the main subject matter for the show, illustrating the numerous frauds surrounding it, and proving it is nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

Dr. Krieg closed out the show beautifully by contrasting the FBI’s persecution of Willis Carto, who served his country and was awarded with two Purple Hearts, with Bill and Hillary Clinton, a draft dodger and a serial liar respectively, who the FBI have no intention in prosecuting.

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