In America today, we have the tools of the Jew working overtime to divide the nation into smaller and smaller factions, therefore reducing the power of the American people, and paralyzing all the organs of the country, which is the main function of a parasite. We have all heard that saying: united we stand, divided we fall…the very form of Government we have is a tool that provides just that…division.

In the last century, the parasite’s goal was to destroy the Monarchies and replace them with the vilest form of Government known as Democracy. In a Democracy you have two major political parties and a minor swing  party. The swing party is used by the parasites to draw away votes from someone they do not control, which helps them to get someone they do control into office. The two major parties are presented to the people as a thesis and antithesis. In this Hegelian dialectic, the people are encouraged to join one of the two parties and fight vehemently against the other party. During this initial process, there is a natural divide between the people of the country. The thesis fights the antithesis, and as it progresses, there is a synthesis of the two parties. Soon there is no real difference between the two parties, yet, the fight goes on. The leftist communist parasites who are always touting change seek this change because they are against the culture, faith, principles, and God(YAHWEH) of the indigenous population. The party on the right was conservative in its nature and desired to keep the nation’s culture, faith, principles, and God(YAHWEH) in place.

Soon, the communists, who are corporation owners and big business, become conservatives in name only. The synthesis evolves, and then the party is practically the same as the leftist’s party. They carry out the act of fighting against one another and the people are allowed to participate in the process. This gives the people a false notion that they actually have a say in their nation’s Government. This is the same as professional wrestling. The House of Representatives and the Senate are divided as well, so there can never be unity. Remember…united we stand, divided we fall? See the problem?

The Government is all just an act and the players are keeping you busy fighting against your own brothers and sisters, listening to news and talk radio, thinking you’re becoming informed, fighting an useless fight that never accomplishes anything, while they help the Jews steal everything out from under you. The fact is, this country is in bankruptcy, and has been since the Civil War. The Federal Reserve bank is running this, and almost every other country in the world. The Jew is the perpetrator behind this, and many, many, other crimes.

I mean…you must have realized by now that it doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican president or Democratic president, nothing ever gets better, and the will of the American people is not being done.
I’ve heard people say for years…if we could get this Democrat out and get a republican in, everything would change for the better. Of course, I’ve heard it in the reverse as well, and both many times. Still, the nation is spiraling downward perpetually. Democracy leads only to tyranny and we are already there.

The Jews have always used the Negroes as a tool against their enemies. Today, the Jews have easily fooled the Negroes into hating and blaming the white race for any problems they have. The Jews are using their control of the media to hide all the vicious hate crimes that blacks commit against all the races, and the media tricks the American people into believing they are safe in their own country, when that is far from the truth. The Jews are funding and encouraging violent uprisings which the Negroes are happy to be privy to. The Jews have started a race war and will perpetuate it as long as they can. Black lives matter is a terrorist group that is funded by them, and they have declared that White lives matter is a terrorist group while saying that Black lives matter is not.

The newest thing now is that they are using sports to further fuel the race war and also divide the people once again. The Jews have almost written the white man out of football. The only reason it is still 30% white is because the whites are the primary attendees at the sports arenas and because the Jews use the sports to control the minds of many white people…bread and circuses.

Football is a religion and the congregation worships the players as gods. They praise these false gods and are compelled to be connected to them in several ways. The white race is known for its loyalty and these whites are loyal to the religion and its false gods, negro or white. As of late, the Negroes are calling the National Anthem “Racist” and will not stand with the others when it is being played. This is exactly what the Jews want. They hate Nationalism and Nationalists as well.
They are internationalists and want to make us like them. The problem is…the Aryan mind has a propensity towards Nationalism. It is not in his nature to go against this. It lives within him.

As the Negroes show their true colors…loyalty to the Devil and his literal offspring(((the Jews))), some whites will be compelled to join their gods in their cause, thus, they will turn against their own race, their own country, and their Father Yahweh. The loyalty came from their affiliation with the religion of football and let’s be real about this. This will translate to all the other sports if it doesn’t backfire in the face of the Negroes and Jews. This is another attempt to divide whites against their own racial brethren. The Jews want these whites to join the Negroes in their cause by going against the American People (WHITES). However, some whites will not stand for this nonsense and will leave the religion behind. This could be a good thing and as I’ve said before, I dream of the day when whites will no longer give attention to sports and the seats will all be empty at the events.

The Jews are in desperation at this time. They are being forced to play cards that they didn’t want to play at this juncture. This is exposing the Negroes and their agenda to the unsuspecting crowds.It is also showing the Jews Intentions and motivations. I hope and pray that this all backfires in their faces and causes them to be ejected from our country. May the white race learn its lessons this time around and never let the Jews back in any of our Nations. There is a time when you have to break down relations and ignore the useless feelings of your enemies. You must face these Demons and cast them out of your nation with no mercy whatsoever. They have had no mercy on us and that is a major understatement. We Must Be strong in mind, spirit, and body. We must also return to our Father Yahweh and obey Him and if we do, He will heal our nations.

We Whites must join together and let nothing tear us apart ever again.

Until next time
David James